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Belt Rack Closet Organizer

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  • BALANCE – Unlike other competitors, our belt rack organizer keeps a harmonious balance wherever you place your belt or item of choice. It will not tip or dip, it is uniquely scientifically designed to stay upright no matter how you hang your belts and that means your items hang straight and will not kink.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – The 360° rotation allows for easy viewing and access. Your swivelling belt hanger allows you to turn it according to your needs and its small size means less clutter taking up space. While it revolves, the bulk rounded hooks prevent snags and at the same time holds any size belts or belt buckles whether big, bulky, heavy, metal ones or very small, light ones. There is no overlapping, when reaching for your belt you will not have to maneuver or take everything else off the rack before you can locate and access the item you want.
  • HANDY – You will discover you can use it for more than belts, such as chains, scarves, necklaces, prayer or worry beads, ties and other accessories.
  • QUALITY AND POWER – Our items are not just compact and look nice, but they are strong and long-lasting. Our belt organizer is built as a single-piece, heavy-duty polypropylene construction, without little pieces that could break off chipping away at the unit’s functionality. We have worked out the kinks on similar racks providing a unit with a well balanced non-tipping design, which revolves 360° with a 12-hook, 2-slot design holding up to 14 easily accessible belts regardless of bulk and size not allowing for overlapping whilst at the same time being compact, taking minimal space in your closet.


No installation is required, you just hang it and it’s ready to use with your belts, chains, scarves, etc. If you purchase 2 or more enter the code belt rack at checkout and get an extra 10% off!

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Another quality Aristocrat Homewares closet organizer product here to facilitate your everyday life. This black belt rack closet organizer will be another solution to your storage problems.


Key Product Attributes:

  • QUALITY CLOSET BELT ORGANIZER: This product is made up of a single-piece, heavy-duty polypropylene construction. It’s 12-hook, 2-slot design holds up to 14 belts of all shapes and sizes and is done in a way so there are no small pieces that could snag and break, diminishing your unit’s functionality and life-span. It is a well-thought design, researched to overcome problems found with other belt holders.
  • STABLE AND COMPACT: Our black belt closet organizer is easy and compact without any additional installation needed, just hang and use. You will find your belt where you put it. You will not need to go searching on the floor or play a balancing game each time you place your items worrying like a house of cards if everything will go down. Our non-tipping design allows you to hang any item you want on any hook without worrying it will just spill or cause everything else to fly off. Our unit keeps a balance and harmony that’s zen!
  • VERSATILE AND ACCESSIBLE: Like all our products, we design them for a purpose. However in each individuals’ hands, like blank pages, this can be re-written to comply to your needs. You don’t just have to hang belts, you may use it for scarves, ties, necklaces, and jewelry, and it doesn’t just have to be in your bedroom closet. You can use it anywhere your imagination can place it, like hanging dish-towels in the kitchen cabinet. When reaching to access your items you have a clear visibility thanks to the well separated, individual hooks, not allowing your items to overlap, and the 360° revolution of the body bringing everything close.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Only the best, as with all Aristocrat Homewares products, the black closet belt organizer comes with a no hassle SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We also include 10% off when purchasing 2 or more units and entering the code belt rack at checkout! Buy it now and get organized!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: For further questions or help, our Aristocrat team will be at your disposal at any time. Simply write to us via the Amazon message system and one of our team members will be there for you personally.

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Weight 3.04 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 8.5 × 1.2 in


213 reviews for Belt Rack Closet Organizer

  1. Yelsob

    I am an organizing fiend and was so happy to find this at such a good price. I was tired of walking in the closet and knocking my hubby’s belts off the makeshift device we previously used. I love that the hangar swivels so that you can hang it on a rod and forget about it… then turn it when you actually want to get to a belt.

    To test the “untippable” claim I piled 5-6 belts on one side. It does (of course) tip slightly, however not as much as I would expect with the amount of weight I put on it.

    I will buy more in the future.

  2. John P. Kyle

    Perfect for what I needed. It has adequate holders to store my belts compactly. The patent holder should be sipping Margaritas on South Beach. The rack requires some elevation so that belts don’t hit the floor, but with my closet scheme that situation presented no problem. Although inexpensive, the rack doesn’t look cheap, particularly since when loaded, one sees primarily belts.

  3. G. Smith

    One can hang 12 belts in a little more than the space taken up by a shirt on your closet hanger. There are others that probably work well too, but what stands out is that what the belt buckle hangs on is plastic, not metal, so the buckles do not get scratched. The only improvement I would suggest would be to make the hanger itself metal to ensure it does not break, though that has not happened, so my worry may just be needless.

  4. Ashley Law

    I used to keep my belts rolled up in a little basket in a dresser drawer, and they got tangled pretty easily. Now they hang straight, and I can see them all at a glance. I’m very happy with it.

  5. S. Parson

    This is definitely the best belt hanger I have seen or tried. I bought it because of the 2 slots for belts with large Western-style buckles. It works perfectly for those. The only thing that would make it better would be if it had more than 2 such slots. There are hooks on both sides of the hanger for regular belts or other accessories and the hanger swivels for easy access. It takes up very little space on a closet rod.

  6. Manuel Torres

    This is a great Belt Rack! I looked for at least an hour on-line for something that accommodates all types of belts to hang and this was the ONLY one I could find. However, it’s also EXACTLY what I was looking for. You have to get creative with it, but it will definitely work. I lack space in my closet so this was exactly what I needed to meet my needs. Now ALL my belts (and I have several different styles and sizes) hang nicely. Price I feel is worth the buy, shipped in an EXTREMELY timely manner! Great product, Great buy!

  7. USA

    Works perfect. Didn’t know how bad I needed this organizer until I started using it. I love the swivel action. I keep black on one side and brown on the other. No problems with balance regardless of where I hang the belts. My only complaint is that the hooks could be a little longer to accommodate thick buckles or for doubling up.

  8. Howie

    I have about twelve belts of various sizes and buckles, was able to get all of them safe and secure on the Belt Rack Closet Organizer, satisfied customer.

  9. eed mongrul

    I LOVE MY BELT HANGERS! They are non-intrusive in the closet; clothes and other hangers don’t get caught on the hanger hooks; I can take a belt off the hook without having to remove layers of other belts; and there is a good number of hooks ON BOTH SIDES! The other great thing about the hanger is that the hanger component swivels 360 degrees, making it convenient to access both sides. There is even a place for a few scarves or ties on the hanger. The construction plastic is sturdy and smooth and the hooks are rounded on the ends, so no snags or pokes. Thank you Aristocrat Homewares. Well done on a product that is of good construction, functional, compact, and sure makes my closet life more manageable.

  10. Tseef

    this is the best designed belt holder I have ever used, and I have used several! What I like about it is that it accommodates multiple belt styles, including those that have non traditional closures ie: the hook that punches into a hole in the belt. Also, it’s style does not take up much closet room. I highly recommend this belt holder. You will not be disappointed.

  11. Bella

    I have purchased a few different kind of these types of organizer hangers. I am finding this is the best one so far easy off and on for you belts and doesn’t take up much space in the very tight closet space. The belts do not fall off easily which I have had a problem with other ones. Would definitely buy again!

  12. DC Running

    So, to be fair, the issues associated with this product might be more on me than the product itself. However, at any rate, I will share-

    I bought this belt rack specifically because I have a lot of belts with buckles, and this was one of the only belt racks that stated these types of belts would fit on them.

    At least in my case (I have Mission Belts btw, in case you the reader were wondering), they don’t really “fit” per se. You can kinda sorta place the buckles on the hooks, but it doesn’t really work well. They often fall off (they aren’t secure), so that defeats the purpose of the rack, really.

    I’m not going to go as far as to say it is false advertising on the manufacturer’s part to say this product is good with belts w/ buckles, as perhaps they are fine with other types of buckled belts.

    TL;DR- They say this product works with buckled belts, but in my case, it was only marginally true.

  13. Gracie

    This is absolutely the best possible belt hanger. I had 14 belts hanging haphazardly on 3 different hangers taking up about four inches of closet space. I saw this on Amazon and thought it looked like a great solution. And it is. They are all neatly hanging on this rack and are so easily accessible. Some of my metal chain belts I was able to hang two per hook. And the big plus – the way this rack is constructed, my 14 belts only take up about 1 1/2 inches of closet space. I am so impressed with it and my decision to pay a bit more for a quality project, that I have gone into the closet a couple times to just look at it. This is the first time I have ever responded to anything with a review, if that is any indication of how satisfied I am with my purchase.

  14. NancyA

    This belt organizer should be in everyone’s closet. I am a belt person who has finally found a way to see at a glance my belts. Shipping was fast. I appreciated the follow-up customer contact initiated by Aristocrat. Nice touch.

  15. Isaac Walker

    Was a bit larger than I expected, but this turned out to be a good thing (I was afraid belts would be too crammed, but this is not the case).

    Compact & perfect solution to this problem.


  16. pryrcoord

    This was exactly what I was looking for. It doesn’t take up much space. With hooks on the front and back it hung very evenly. It swivels so I could easily see which belts were on the other side. I really didn’t think it was going to do what they claimed – but certainly felt it did.

  17. MLip

    This is a very good belt rack – it’s nice to have all my belts organized, and visible in one place. My only complaint: it’s way overpriced. While the design is great, it should sell for about 8 bucks, not 17…

  18. nyohmd

    I’ve been looking for a more creative, and of course, cheaper way to display my finisher medals. Looking to run a race in all 50 states and and $60+, those racks can be another added expensive. Eventually, I’d like to get two more to accommodate the states (doubling up on a few hooks of course). So many uses, for such a sturdy hanger!

  19. GemRazor

    Purchased for my daughter – great product. I also bought other versions (for myself & husband) and this one was best for uneven loads. For the others (not this product) when I take too many belts off one side, and don’t balance, it tips. This product doesn’t tip – reason the kid is using.

  20. Jason W. Weber

    Seems to be solidly made, with thick plastic. Weight distribution is good – does not tilt much when a belt is removed e.g. from the end. Overall, very happy with this purchase. The real testament, however, is that after inspecting it herself my wife also bought one.

  21. AJG

    Very good belt rack. Space saver, sturdy. It seems like it is going to last for decades.

  22. Terri

    I purchased this belt rack for a Christmas present. It looks exactly like it is pictured on Amazon. It arrived as promised. I am very pleased with this transaction

  23. Amazon Customer

    I bought a cheaper one at Target, but returned it because it was more for scarves. This one is perfect for hanging belts (men’s belts anyway) without taking up much room at all. No problem with it getting off-balance like some other hangers, and it is nice and thin. The seller also refunded me a dollar because they lowered the price after I bought it! Now that’s service!

  24. Teri

    Seems sturdy and strong….suits my purpose perfectly.

  25. Larry H. Harrison

    Handy, functional item for keeping belts tidy and ready for use, will be buying another (didn’t realize I had so many belts.

  26. jtonly7

    Perfect. Does not sag, and holes all my belt.

  27. Kindle Customer

    It is light and handy. It takes up little space. I have owned three in total and I like this one best.

  28. Tech’n Travel

    These work very well, so well that I bought a second one. They have little hard plastic hooks that hold the buckles. We don’t have any “cowboy” style belts and so I cannot comment how those heave buckles will fit.

  29. JLR

    Unless u have a VERY SMALL belt collection and ALL your belts are very basic, skinny to medium and have a conventional metal buckle, this is a complete rip off. It’s also very tiny cheap plastic. I went by the photo. If it has measurements then the size dissapointment is on me. I own a lot of big/wide fashion belts, all different types of closures…. Except 2 skinny belts w metal buckles I never wear, and don’t care about…. I bought this to hang all my funky belts. If they snap closed, if they tie closed, hook and eye closures, etc…. This is unuseable. It only holds 4-6 very thin basic belts w metal buckles. Good for a man not into fashion that just has a couple of black and brown basic belts, but wow am I dissapointed. Can’t hang ANY of my belts. I have zero time or I would DEFINATELY send it back for a refund. Ladies, if u are like me, don’t do it. You will so regret it.

  30. Bruce Kwitny

    As inexpensive as this item is, I was somewhat skeptical of whether or not it would do the trick. I must admit that I was VERY pleased with this product. It’s a simple design, but does exactly as advertised!! Ingenious and reasonably priced…just the way I like it!

  31. Mary Dirkx Jorn

    Works great, high quality, it’s exactly as described.

  32. Ginny Keller

    Novel, effective concept. Works well.

  33. Linda Deming Ratcliff

    love this!

  34. Roxy

    works great for organizing my belts.

  35. len

    The belt holder works great! Am completely satisfied!

  36. Linda J. Dicken

    Takes up much less room than my old belt rack and much easier to actually see your belts. Liked it so much I bought two more!

  37. Rameez

    This works just as advertised. It freed up half a drawer and I’m very pleased.

  38. B. Jarger

    This belt holder is great! It keeps the belts separated and secure so you don’t hsvr to worry about them falling off. I’m going to order another one!

  39. michael rouse

    Super quick delivery and hangs in my closet nicely.

  40. Melissa McKim

    Best belt hanger I have EVER found! Totally love it. I have multiple sizes of with different sized buckles and every single one hangs perfectly from tiny to large. It is compact, and very sturdy.

  41. Jason Cecil

    Exactly as described although getting to 14 requires using two slots. Only 12 hooks

  42. Brenda L.

    Great product. Very functional, just as described.

  43. Carolyn M.

    Great products. Very useful

  44. c hoehne

    Looked all over for something simple yet sturdy!

  45. W. Stone

    Unique belt holder is perfect in every way.

  46. Leslie Schutte

    Holds all my belts, but doesn’t take up much room. Very happy with purchase.

  47. Sandi T

    Holds several belts without taking up too much space.

  48. Anne Hart

    My belt collection had outgrown a wall rack and I had no room for another. This belt rack did the trick and takes up very little space, yet all belts remain easily accessible.

  49. rettman

    Holds all my belts, nice and flat in the closet. Recommend!

  50. RS

    Space saver!!! Works great. It’s strong.

  51. Wendy C. Dahl

    Great item

  52. Vix

    I like it because you can hang belts with buckles and belts without by slipping on the center strip as well as the hooks.

  53. Charlie

    Works great. Best belt hanger I have ever had.

  54. diverjb

    Made well. Works well. Saves closet space. In fact, I’m ordering another.

  55. Mark A OConnor

    Great product, good and sturdy and holds plenty of belts.

    This is slim unlike the old one I had and so it doesn’t take up as much space either.

    Highly recommend.

  56. L. Chen

    A uniquely designed products. Works great. Saves space. Looks very neat. Excellent product.

  57. iReviewWhatiBuy

    Perfect for belts. Good quality too.

  58. Stephanie Dunne

    Easy to use and compact enough for use in a small closet.

  59. Fearsome Puppy

    As I brought a tie organizer from Aristocrat which I was very happy with – see other review, I was also on the look out for a belt hanger. Again just perfect for what I needed and highly recommended.

  60. Michael

    Good/helpful to have! Just a minor issue, though; I wish the vertical parts of the hook were slightly longer.

  61. Brixton Anderson

    Fast delivery. Exactly what I needed and couldn’t find anywhere else. You’ll have to arrange your belt buckles so that it doesn’t hang lopsided but makes a convenient place to keep them organized

  62. Jillian N. Gembler

    Best belt hanger I have found. I bought 2 or 3 different ones before this one and none worked near as well.

  63. Wally

    Awesome love it

  64. Natalia Rosenrauch

    I use it to hang tank tops, very convenient, it is the best for tank tops, easy to use.

  65. Mr. Yuk

    Just what I needed

  66. Alex

    It works really well and stays upright while keeping everything compact.

  67. Bill Pill

    Just what I needed to get my belts organized and out of the way.

  68. Gayle A Shafer

    Love this! Hangs nicely in my closet and makes it easy to find the belt I need.

  69. Moe Betah

    Conveniently designed, holds heavy, medium and light belts effectively. Sturdy and compact, I’d buy another one.

  70. Mark Stutz

    This is definitely a sturdy belt hanger, I would recommend it.

  71. Louis

    Arrived on time, good condition, and I immediately put some 16 different belts on this useful hanger. It’s great that it turns 90 degrees too so you can see what belt you are trying to grab.

  72. Erin Cochran

    I love this belt rack! It fits nicely in the closet and has more than enough hooks to also hang scarves too.

  73. Elaine

    Yes it was received, and I am very satisfied with it!

  74. Richard Jackson

    Replacement for a damaged rotating hanger assembly that failed. This one works well and takes up less closet space. No negative comments. Good product for the $.

  75. Lauren

    Great product. Arrived fast and undamaged.

  76. Rafael Perez

    Received yesterday and def a great product as advertise… Will be ordering another soon

  77. Jacquie Mencer

    Great product

  78. Z.S.

    I bought many items to organize my clothing and accessories and this is one of my favorites. It’s easy to reach each of my belts and it doesn’t take up much space. Good one!

  79. Marilyn S. Courtwright

    Very nice and sturdy. Should work well for my high school granddaughter to keep her belts organized.

  80. svvlmmachlne

    Great belt rack! Holds all the belts I own and more

  81. Eileen V.T.

    Each item is easily accessible without removing all.

  82. Richard

    Just what I needed. Space saver in a crowded closet.

  83. DRF

    Excellent product!

  84. dreampiggy

    It can hold several different sized belts pretty well. For the price, it’s a good buy.

  85. VP

    This is a great product, works as described. If you have limited amount of space in your closet, this product will definitely help, keeps belts organized and accessible.

  86. Karen Ramsey

    Works great. Bought one for myself and one for the hubs. We both love them!

  87. Paul Perez

    It works very well, I just thought it would be ab bit sturdier.

  88. elizabethm

    My husband is very happy with this belt hanger. It was what we have been looking for.

  89. RJS

    Very slim and saves a lot of space in your closet compared to other belt holders!

  90. 58! Female

    Good Produce

  91. Amazon Customer

    This contraption absolutely worked! I will definitely be ordering another for my remaining belts.

  92. Aaron

    Nice sturdy unit with plenty of support for a lot of belts.

  93. Chejo

    Serves its purpose.

  94. Robyn Mariani

    Works wonderfully!

  95. Karen Caprio Flynn

    Received very promptly. Well made. Thank you!

  96. Gail Hamrick

    Well-made, uses little space in closet

  97. Monroe Joe

    Great product and timely shipping.

  98. BB

    this thing is great

  99. M. Salas

    Much sturdier than I thought. Great Product.

  100. lmsparky

    Works as described. Fast delivery.

  101. Joanna Fl Deis

    Love this! Am going to order three more

  102. D’Shai Hendricks

    Does exactly what I need it to do. Meets expectations.

  103. J. W.

    Great product, very innovative and useful. Great customer service, and fast shipping.

  104. fifirav47

    Compact and convenient for storing belts. A true space saver.

  105. Sarah

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  106. Claudia Hanford

    Fits many belts. Satisfied.

  107. chinagirl98

    Perfect product. Love the swivel and the separate hooks.

  108. George Seretis

    I was glad I picked this up

  109. SjjFlorida

    I love this simple yet useful belt hanger. I plan to order more!

  110. JJJ

    The product works as advertised but the price is too high for a plastic extruded product.

  111. Alan Blair


  112. Amazon fan

    Quality product/solved space problem. Prompt shipping.

  113. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product.

  114. Daniel Silvey

    Love it!

  115. Joseph H Mercado

    Great quality and excellent service

  116. David S.

    These hangers work very well and take up little space.

  117. Karen

    Useful organizer.

  118. Michael L.

    very pleased with the product, which performs as advertised.

  119. Nicholas Miller

    simple, and does the trick!

  120. mary

    Very Good!!!

  121. GJW

    Product itself works as expected but they use the email they get when you order in order to spam you. Average score of product and garbage marketing = 2. There are lots of merchants selling similar products. I suggest you try one of them.

  122. Erik Jensen


  123. Aaron Gravel

    It’s ok.

  124. Kim Bellis

    My belt buckles too big for this

  125. J. Hodges

    Pretty worthless.

  126. little00bee

    Use it to hang my belts. Satisfied with it.

  127. Amazoner

    The flaw is if you hang the belt on one side, it will cause the hanger to tilt – so you always have to make sure the belts are balanced on both sides. Try Swivel Belt Hanger – Black Friction instead

  128. Tabbi O

    I initially got this as the intended belt organizer but once received I decided to use it as a necklace holder instead. My daughter loves necklaces and I could not find a compact holder for them until I came across this belt organizer. I even used spray paint for plastic and painted it pink to match her room. She loves her necklace holder and I love that they are easily and compactly stored all in one place. It looks like I will need to purchase another for belts!

  129. Vincent P.

    This a great item for any who wants to find a way to organize there belts. I am constantly am throwing my belts in different sports, hanging on drawer knobs or leavening in laundry baskets so when I saw this item I thought this would be perfect to help me organize my belts and keep them together. While most people complain about the magic of losing socks in the drier my problem is losing belts, I have a ton of them however for whatever reason when I go to look for one I can never find any of the but this item gives me the ability to get them off the floors, from hanging on random objects and organize them in one spot. My favorite part of this is it is so simple and no more losing belts. While I don’t find this item to be the most attractive looking item I still gave it 5 stars as it looks as it does in the photo and works perfectly. Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount for my honest review.

  130. BBB

    Bought for my teen, who loves it. She can easily hang and see all of her belts and a few scarves on this hanger (12 per side, plus two slide in slots). Hanger turns 360 degrees. Skinny, small belt buckles fit, too, which is one of the reasons why she chose this one. It is a hard black plastic, so only time will tell if it can handle a lot of belt weight over time without warping, cracking, etc. I bought it on sale but wish the price were a bit lower. Purchase arrived in great condition and on time!

  131. Texana

    This belt hanger works pretty well and is seemingly well made and very durable, and I can actually get a lot more than 14 belts on it by doubling up on some hooks (depending on the size of the buckles).

    My 2 suggestions:

    1) Offer a larger/wider size (like the size of a large hanger) that can have 8 hooks on each side instead of 6.

    2) This is pretty expensive for what you get. I was leaning towards not purchasing it when I decided to search for more information about it – and that’s when I found a code for $5 off. THAT is what influenced me to purchase as that brought the price into the ‘reasonable’ realm. At that price I will probably order more.

  132. Irishkgirl

    I would recommend this belt hanger. Easy to use. Looks much nicer than my other organizing system. The hangers are spaced far enough for XL belt buckles, yet it still hold 12 belts!
    I wouldn’t recommend for military/super heavy grade belts. I don’t think the plastic would hold. But for the average civilian belts, I give this 5 stars easily!

  133. kelpoulin

    This hanger is pretty darn useful! I have several longer necklaces that don’t fit in my jewelry box so I needed to find a solution. This fits the bill nicely. It’s not tippy if you have heavier items on one side which is nice. It has a swivel hook which gives you flexiblility on how you want to hang it–either on a hook or on a closet rod. It is a little smaller than I was thinking it would be but that’s okay because it serves my purpose.

  134. Perry

    Firstly and foremost, I already received my order in 1 DAY! I purchased this item as a simple belt hanger. You’ll be surprised to hear that I’ve found another use for it! I use it to hang up all my very thin and light shirt hangers to dry my shirts after washing. This is sure not the use of it, however the hanger is durable and so perfectly made to fit belts and necklaces and many more stuff!

  135. Sarah

    I was so anxious to get a hold of this product! When it arrive I ripped through the packaging and started on th hunt for my husband belts. He would just toss them in a bathroom cabinet out of conscience but not anymore. It hangs in our closet now and I feel like an organization queen! Every close need one!!!

  136. Cathy

    This belt hanger looks big in the picture, but then I was surprised to receive it smaller. However, it fits very well in my small closet.I like the look, the compact design and functionality. This suits me well.

  137. Madison Jo

    I had the ability to utilize the Belt Hanger product. There are a number of cool features about this item. What I like most is that it is light weight. That really matters to me because you will be adding items to it. I don’t think it would work as well if it were heavy. The hanger fits in the closet just as a regular hanger does. One of the cooler feature is that the hanger rotates. You can arrange your items so that they do not overlap. Lastly, you can add scarves or other accessories; it’s not limited belts.

  138. PL

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality construction of this organizer. Although it’s labeled as a belt organizer, I think it would work for many items- necklaces, bracelets, fashion scarves. You could probably use it for many other things. I plan on giving this to my mom on Christmas and I know she will love it. It’s made well and looks great.

  139. Gwen M

    What a great organizer. I am constantly looking for an organizer of some sort. When I came across this little gem I jumped on getting it. It’s sturdy and of a good grade plastic. I was surprised to see the hanger portion pivots around. I guess in my excitement to give this a try I missed that. Absolutely fantastic product.

  140. nana H

    I received the Belt Hanger just as I was unloading and cleaning my closet. I found it worked best to hang the longer chains and necklaces I have been wearing lately. I usually end up going through trays to find them. I like the swivel hanger. I can turn and look at both sides easily. The material the hanger is made from appears to be very duriable and should outlast my needs.

  141. Amazon Customer

    This belt hanger is fabulous. I love how the hanger part is adjustable so you can change the way it hangs in your closet or wherever you want to put it. Love that fact that there are hooks on both sides. Great organizing product to keep my stuff from falling on the closet floor.

  142. Jenn.LC

    I am a neat freak and I love this product. It gave me some much needed closet space and the swivel feature is great.
    A bit pricey, but it is a well made product that will last a long time.

  143. Angel Buffalino

    This is just what I needed! It keeps most of my belts in a neat organized fashion and easy to use and see what you have. I must get another! Very large so don’t let the picture fool you.

  144. C. Sessions

    Interesting design that follows up on the vendors tie organizer. This holds more belts than I own and does a pretty good job of keeping them organized. My only issue with it is the balance and stability: with four belts, each time you remove one it throws it out of balance and wobbles a bit.

  145. RSousa

    The hanger is light weight and fits in the closet just as a regular hanger does, saves space. One of the great features I like is that it rotates. You can arrange your items so that they do not overlap. You can add scarves or other accessories, not just for belts. Works great.

  146. Christine B

    Works great for my necklaces. I have my less slippery scarves on it also. I love the space it saves, and how it holds items on both sides. Great organzational tool.

  147. jennifer

    When I initially got this Belt Hanger, I fully intended on using it for belts. However, I tried to hang necklaces on it and it works great! I have a little towel rack by my bathroom mirror that is not in use, so I hung it there and have my necklaces right there when I am getting ready in the morning. Very convenient product. I do think the price is a little high for what you get though.

  148. Plmoca

    This not only works well to keep all of our belts in one place, but perfect for getting the ties out of the drawer.
    This keeps them visible and u wrinkled. Much easier to access and choose while dressing.

  149. Cathy Meile

    What a great way to organize your belts! I can finally find All mine. This belt hange is very well made and will last a lifetime.

  150. sistablues

    This is a great item. I use it for my necklaces .and it keeps them tangle free. For ease of use, I hang it on my closet door. It is well made and durable – will stand up to every day use.

  151. H. R.

    I placed my order two days ago. My order arrived promptly and they have great customer service! The Belt Hanger was packed safely in the box with bubble cushioning.
    The Belt Hanger: It comes with a card nicely describing the product. It is well-built, sturdy, and I really like the swivel-head so that I won’t have to take it out every time I need to take something off the hanger. I would definitely recommend the product!

  152. Shae Stivers

    My daughter is really skinny and wears belts this keeps all her belts hanging up in one place. Easy to pick one since she is 3 and takes forever. It’s cute and sturdy. Great buy.

  153. Amzn Is a Cult

    Pretty sweet. I use this to hold my dog’s leash, along with out winter hats and scarfs. Seems to be working!

  154. Valleygirl

    Such a simple, simple idea… why didn’t anyone think of this years ago? I am using it to organize my necklaces and hair ties, and I LOVE the fact that I can hang it in my closet instead of taking up valuable shelf space. So far none of the necklaces have become tangled, and I feel more organized. It is very lightweight (made of plastic), and doens’t take up much room at all. Great purchase!

  155. cory stucker

    There is nothing worse than needing a belt and not having it exactly where it should be (especially when I’m in a hurry)! I used to “store” my belts on an old wire hanger which was dysfunctional at best. This belt organizer looks great hanging in my closet and now no more stress of missing belts or running late.

    Disclaimer: I obtained this item at a discount for my unbiased feedback.

  156. ndtechie05

    This is perfect to hang my different belts! I used to hand my belts from the clip part of a hanger but they got top heavy and were not organized. Here I can pull one belt off at a time!

  157. Claudia Gray

    This is a great piece! Can be used for belts, scarves, even necklaces! Very versatile!

  158. sky king

    This is a super great organizing tool for any closet or craft room. I am using is to sort headphones and various charging cables next to my desk but it also makes an excellent jewelry organizer or belt hanger. It’s nice, heavy duty black plastic with high quality fittings.

  159. balagnamrs

    This product does exactly what it says it does.. holds all your belts in one place. No more searching the drawer for that specific belt!

  160. Arickey86

    Sturdy, thick product. Easy to use and comes in very handy. Not sure of the price point though, I personally wouldn’t pay more than $10.

  161. Suzanne

    Love great. Now I can find my belts easily and match with outfits

  162. Elizabeth Lehky

    I had been looking for a product to neatly organize my belts and this works great. Before all my belts were just throw on the railing in my closet and it looked sloppy and messing. With this it is much cleaner and easier.

  163. Shopper M

    We like this. However, we have limited closet space and aren’t able to rotate it while it is still hanging. If you have a vast amount of open space in your closet…this would be ideal. My husband also has his EMS belt (webbed with a plastic buckle) that doesn’t quite fit. Granted, most people do not have EMS belts…but it’s something to consider.

  164. Leslie Bennett

    This is the sturdiest belt hanger I have ever seen. It’s great. My son is using it for his belts and some of his ties. It doesn’t move to one side if there is more weight on that side. It’s sturdy and seems that it will last forever. I love it!

  165. Donna cho kiever

    This has to be one of the best products i have purchased. This Belt hanger is well crafted,sturdy and holds many belts. I love the way it fit in my closet and didn’t sink down with the weight of the belts that my old belt hanger did ! I am very impressed with the #1 Belt Hanger. I plan on buying a few more for gifts and for my daughters.

  166. Andreina

    Perfect addition to my closet, I use it for statement necklaces, thinking of getting another one for my belts or scarfs.

  167. Marlene

    my husbands belts are no longer hanging from the door knob! i love this product! all his belts are nicely hanging in the closet 🙂

  168. David Mendlowitz

    I want to say how super surprised I am with the quality and durability of this belt hanger. I hung around 25 belts on 12 hooks. Each hook is able to hold more than one belt according to the size of the belt. Also, each hook is quite far from the next hook, allowing really thick and wide belts to fit nicely. Awesome product!

  169. lori

    I really like this product. It is very sturdy and holds many belts and scarfs. I have been looking for a way to store my scarfs and this is perfect, the ones I have seen in stores have been flimsy and this is not

  170. Josh M

    When organizing my clothes, I never had a good place to store my belts. This is hanger is the perfect solution. I am able to hang all my belts on one hanger without it taking up too much space.

  171. C

    exactly what i needed for my belt :-), now i can kee all my belts in one place an nicely neat

  172. Nancy Clemens

    I love the design. It can be used for belts or necklaces. This holder takes up very little room in my closet.

  173. Whitney

    Nice closet organizer. But it’s not something I would buy a lot of.

  174. maria christina ancheta

    This fit our need perfectly. It is compact and just right for a small and cramped closet. I also like the layout, that you can see all the belts laid out flat, so you dont have to sift through looking for the right belt.

  175. Katrina Tuason

    very happy with my purchase : )

  176. pinkfroggg

    I bought this to hang necklaces on. It is working out great! Much better that letting them get tangled on my dresser. Great for organizing! Planning to get a couple more as gifts =)

  177. jellybean

    This is such a great thing to have. Can be used for belts, ties, jewelry, scarves, etc. Really like how the body swivels from the hanger. Just wish there were a few more hooks.

  178. Lisa C

    I really do like the belt hanger. My husband’s belts are on one side and mine on the other. The only drawback is the price. I feel like it is more expensive than it should be. But very happy with it.

  179. donna7625

    So convenient and easy to get to with its swivel capabilities. I will use for jewelry, belts, and even belts. High quality construction for durability with lots of use

  180. DoubleDee

    It does the job, just as the title says.

  181. Ashley W

    And now my belts are no longer laying on the floor! Thank God! This thing is perfect for me. I have a ton of belts and it holds all of them right in my closets definitely recommend!

  182. Jolene

    the belt hanger make getting ready for school in the morning so much easier! My kids seem to think that the belt troll comes and gets their belts at night and hides them around the house!!! They have NO excuses not to be able to find them in the morning!

  183. Disneymom76

    So glad I decided to buy this! My husband has a ton of belts that were hard to get to. This belt hanger is just what we needed!! Very sturdy and holds all of his belts neatly! I love the fact that the hooks make them easy to reach!!

  184. classact

    Although the design of this item is a little weird, it serves its purpose well and holds a variety of belts, narrow scarves and necklaces, taking up a minimum of closet space and separating items well so they do not become tangled.

  185. B. Killinger

    This is a very handy quality hanger. The added swivel makes it work even better. I’ve been looking for this type of organizer and happy this one works so well. I think they should offer a 2 pack. I’ll probably be buying more.

  186. Kandie Ice

    Awesome, eliminates the clutter of belts in our closet!!!!

  187. Derek G.

    After trying several methods for hanging my belts, this hanger was a keeper. No more trying to put my belts on a normal hanger, and no more just throwing them on the floor in angst, this things works great.

  188. Melissa Lliteras

    This belt hanger is just what I need in my closet. It holds 12 belts and seems pretty durible for long time use.

  189. reader

    Such a handy organizational tool!!

  190. Laura

    Love it. Very sturdy and holds all of my belts. Doesn’t take up any room in the closet. Highly recommend.

  191. Amazon Customer

    Great Item! Compact and works just as advertised. Would recommend to anyone who needs a similar item.

  192. Lexy Johnson

    Awesome product. Perfect small space storage for belts.

  193. Crystal Wilson

    This belt hanger had been an absolutely great addition to my closet. It keeps my belts and scarves organized and easily accessible. Will purchase more!

  194. Lauren T

    Great little handy way to organize belts. Gets them out of my drawers and hanging random places. Made well and designed well.

  195. Ashley Vaccaro

    Finally a way to keep things more organized in the closet! I will definitely be ordering more.

  196. Bostic

    I like it. The nubs hold the clasp buckles and the slits hold the slide buckles. It’s well balanced if you taper from the center.

  197. S. Peters

    Very nice, got this for my husband and all of his belts so they can be organized since he can never find his belts in his closet. This works perfectly.

  198. Paige

    This is an awesome space saver for those belts and scarves that never quite have a perfect spot!

  199. Claire A Meehl

    Great way to organize your belts and make them easily accessible. Sturdy and doesn’t take up much space.

  200. Blake Guffey

    buckled belts are a little harder to get on and off but still very nice and compact.

  201. Eddie

    Very effective!

  202. Nicole C.

    Happy with my purchase. Very clever design

  203. dani lolopada

    i use it for my scarves. works great!!!


    Love it

  205. Paola Rosas

    Got this for my mom she uses it as a necklace holder! She loves it.

  206. David Shreve

    I can’t complain about this product. It’s simple and provides and elegant and easy solution to hanging my belts.

  207. Tmcgough

    Not to bad, I am able to hand all sorts. Scarfs, belts, ties etc.

  208. Amazon Customer

    This is a simple, solid design and it performs exactly as I envisioned. Easy to hang and retrieve belts.

  209. BR

    Very useful in organizing our belts.

  210. Jamie Peredo

    LOVE it!! I’m using it for my scarves. Planning in ordering more.

  211. LH

    Handy size and design!

  212. Jamwantie

    Happy with my purchase. Keeps belts organize

  213. Lindy On

    Works how it’s describe

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