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The mop and broom holder organizer easily mounts to your wall to provide hanging storage for five mops, brooms, tools, sports equipment and more The broom organizer features a unique rolling ball design that automatically adjusts to the thickness of the handle of your brooms and mops and grips more securely.

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  • HEAVT DUTY BROOM HOLDER: For your brooms, mops, tools etC High quality durable ABS plastic construction firmly holds your tools, even garden tools, musical or sporting equipment and garage tools
  • HOLDS FIVE long handled tools and has six hooks for hanging smaller objects like dustpan and brushes Rolling ball design adjusts to the thickness of the different handles from 5/8 inch to 1 ¼ inch wide. Holds up to 7 ½ pounds in weight Easily mounts to the wall and comes with 3 screws for attachment
  • YOUR EQUIPMENT deserves to be organized and hung neatly, whether being a broom, guitar or any tool Great space saver for any garage, closet or pantry
  • FREE BONUS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth included as a thank you for purchasing Aristocrat Homewares Broom and Mop Holder
  • YOU CAN PURCHASE with confidence, we know you will love this quality holder We offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Get Yours NOW


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Weight 11.8 oz
Dimensions 17.5 × 2.5 × 3 in


98 reviews for Broom and Mop Holder

  1. Jim Kashi

    With me, everything has to be commercial grade – I hate those cheap house hold brooms, i have to have the thick corn husk brooms, same with bags, contractor bags – glad handbags dont work for me. I was so impressed by how strong this was, that i felt i needed to leave a review. its very well constructed. the plastic is thick and durable. its a broom holder that you would find in a high school custodians broom closet.

    as an added bonus, this one came with a really nice microfiber cloth too. Overall, very impressed. highly recommended. Jim

  2. den

    Really like it! I ordered two because I was not sure how much space I would need to hang my stuff, but one was perfect. Holds everything tight and does not let items slide down like other products do. Easy to get them in and out too – even one handed. The other one I received was damaged and Amazon returns were simple. Used it to hand 5 brooms/mops in my laundry room. Even has a cute little hook that slides out for my fly swatter! May order more when I organize my garage! Great product!

  3. William S.

    My laundry room looks so much nicer with this tool holder. I tried a number of different sized tools in it and it held everything I tried. If I had more space I would order another because I am already thinking of other nifty things to organize. Definitely well made, easy to install with instructions provided, and works great!

  4. DeLeve

    After reading other reviews I got proper drywall anchors before hanging this up. I put one side in a stud and the other in the drywall anchor. The mop/broom holder feels very sturdy and is doing a good job holding up 4 brooms/mops. My closet looks soooo much better. The 2 little hooks are too dinky to be of much use: just barely hold up my dustpan. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.

  5. Gwyn

    The product had a problem with the spring that holds the ball that holds the handle. Ours came apart within the first two weeks of use but I contacted the seller and she immediately sent us a new one. It has been doing just fine. I really like the product. I hope it continues to work properly.

    Good transaction. I would purchase from Aristocrat Homewares again.

  6. Nashville Cat

    Nice, sturdy rack that holds a variety of sized handles for our utility room. I really like the way you can arrange the items at varying heights on the rack so that the ends (mop ends, broom ends) don’t hit each other.

  7. DianeD

    At first we were very disappointed. The broom holder did not seem to hold anything. Then we noticed the arrows on it; turned it 180 degrees and VOILA problem solved! We mounted it on a backing board so wet mops would not contact the garage drywall. The plastic seems heavy duty; but, we’ll see how it holds up over time.

  8. reviewer in Florida

    Very good solution to a bothersome problem…..where can I store my “floor maintenance crew – mops etc”?

    They are now neatly out of sight and held off of the floor all in one place. I am so glad that a friend

    recommended this.

  9. BRothstein


    Created space by taking cleaning items off of the floor.

    Will purchase again whenever I get to cleaning the garage.

  10. KLea

    I ordered a Broom and Mop Holder after reading the positive reviews online. I had read poor reviews of cheaper holder available online and decided this was worth the extra money. The holder was installed on the inside of the closet door of our laundry room by the carpenter who was remodeling for us, and I am quite pleased. We plan to reorganize our work shed this summer, and we,ll probably order another holder for tools. A couple of people wrote that their holder didn’t have the two hooks. They are certainly not obvious, and they are a bit hard to pull out, but they work fine. — KW in Chapel Hill

  11. Starlight

    Works as promised..gets all the brooms, mops, shovels out of the way. East to install and use.

  12. Martin C. Howden

    This holder does the trick and I have not had an issue with it since I installed it. The mop and broom are secure and they don’t bang against the door like other holders allow. Get one of these if you are looking for a good mop holder.

  13. Blessed Warrior of life

    updated review, contacted company after item broke and they are sending out a replacement.

  14. Fifi

    This item really cleaned up our tiny laundry area, it’s well designed and holds a variety of sized items!

  15. KBHill2Sea

    Great Broom/Mop/Anything-with-a-handle holder. Holds my brooms, mops, car cleaning brush very securely with easy removal. I appreciated the inclusion of two rubber grippers that are about double thickness of the installed grippers. I used one of them to provide a stronger grip for a “swiffer” with a skinny handle. High quality, sturdy materials. Definitely recommend.

  16. Schmetterling

    Works well-enough. Holder prefers thicker handles. More slender the circumference, the less secure utensil feels in its slot but it stays in place. Installed easily. Jury’s stil out on its durability. Recommendation: Yes

  17. readerrocker

    Love it! Very easy to install and works exactly as promised. What a space saver, too.

  18. Bobbi

    Bought 2 of these. One for my laundry/utility room, and the other to use in the walk in closet next to the master bath. The footprint is narrow enough that doors can be fully open without banging against mops & brooms. I have both dogs & cats in my home, and these are perfect for keeping cleaning supplies handy and out-of-sight.

  19. ashyvo

    I use this in the stairwell leading down to my basement and it is an awesome way to create more space. It was easy to install, and I have loaded it up with mops & brooms and it is stable. When I move again, I will buy another!

  20. Clinton Akin

    Purchased two of these and both have broken within 2 years. One used in garage light rakes, brooms, etc. and one used in laundry room for brooms, mops, etc. The mechanism that rotates and holds items in place are not very strong. ie. items slowly fall. I’ve had at least 3 of the mechanisms break under normal light use in the time frame since I’ve purchased. Would NOT recommend.

    Edit: Aristocrat Homewares was the seller of these and has really great customer service. I was sent replacements quickly and am pleased with my experience regarding this product. Hopefully round two will last a little longer.

  21. Sharon H.

    easy to mount – does what i expected

    wish the rubber extended to the back of the roller or the rollers were not rounded in the back, allowing for the thinner handles to grip better

    adjustable spacing would be nice but impossible in this design

  22. Linda Miller


  23. Prof. Docwell

    Good way to keep all the cleaning and gardening things up out of the way instead of stacked in a corner. Keeps the broom bristles in better condition for a lot longer time,

  24. L. Hendrickson

    Delivery was speedy. This sturdy broom and mop holder works as described. I thought about getting a somewhat cheaper one, but didn’t want to find the holder losing its grip after awhile. It is too soon to tell how long this one will last, but so far, it does the job in our back entry hall. The color is more gray than the white it appears in the picture, if that is important.

  25. Jpatt

    This works pretty well overall. It’s a bit finicky if you don’t center the broom handle front to back (you to wall) on the mechanism (it will drop to the floor if you don’t). My grandma can use it, so you can too.

  26. Longhorn

    This is a real high quality unit. It grips the mops and brooms well, also it holds our larger vacuum extension tube. No problem with small handles – it came with two larger grip pads for them. Highly recommended!

  27. Mr. Richard L. Engel

    Seems to do everything it was advertised to do – its a broom rack what can I say! I’m not sure that a broom rack would ever rate 5 stars

  28. Trista Carr

    Shipped and delivered promptly. Instructions were a breeze to follow, set up was easy. It includes all mounting hardware, including drywall anchors with very simple, thorough instructions. It also comes with two additional grippers (the rubber pieces that actually grip the tools) and a microfiber cleaning cloth. I would sooner use the cloth for my glasses or something though. I have had this mop and broom holder for about a month now and so far it has been great. I haven’t had much trouble with any of my tools slipping and despite the statements to follow, I would definitely still purchase this again for household use.

    The reason for my four-star rating:

    Occasionally, I will have to adjust the height of the item (I store all of my tools with the usable end down) where it is held on the grippers. If I place the tool in the holder too close to the end of the stick, the weight of the usable end and the rest of the stick cause it to slide just a fraction. Not much and not always, but enough that my OCD wants it to be exactly where I place it so I reposition it. Again, it doesn’t slide much and has never failed to hold the weight of any tool (right now the holder is literally at max capacity).

    There are two little pull-out hangers from which one could hang small dusters etc. I use these but they are a little on the short side considering whatever is hung from them will most likely be in front of a larger tool. I was utilizing both of these small hangers and at one point I went to get one of the neighboring larger tools and my duster fell to the floor….I haven’t bothered hanging it back up since. Some sort of curve upward or extending lip on the topside of this hanger would be a big improvement on a fairly minor detail.

    The color…..I was almost appalled when I first opened the boxes and pulled this thing out. It’s almost a grey-green color. Fortunately, it’s hidden in a closet so I was able to overlook that aspect, but beware, it is a different color.

    All-in-all I would definitely purchase this again for household use, though I am looking for something stronger for my garage. I don’t know that it would hold the weight of my larger yard tools, though I may bring some in just to test it. If I do, I will update this accordingly. For household brooms and mops and dusters, etc this is definitely a great buy and I would recommend to friends and family.

  29. lynne flora margolies

    I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It arrived, well-packaged, on time and was very easy to install. It is strong and holds my broom and other cleaning tools well.

  30. Horses Malone

    I use this to hang up all my stable forks and other tools I need for the barn. Relatively easy to install, though the screw holes are tiny and the screws are hard to hold onto while putting onto the wall. Great idea, and the free microfiber cloth was a nice bonus!

  31. Carolyn J Harbert

    This is a great product to organize your brooms or lawn rakes & equipment.

    I am very pleased and glad I purchased it.

  32. Kathryn

    easy to put up- holds items well as long as you put them in securely

  33. npat

    Does the job. Keeping all of my items off of the floor and saving me space. Easy to put up and no complaints.

  34. Maureen Kemp

    It is well made and sturdy. It holds my swiffer which has a skinny handle and it holds my broom which has a padded thick handle. None of the five items I have hanging on it ever slide down. It is easy to both hand and remove them. The two little hooks are quite small but my dust pan hangs quite nicely on one of them.

  35. Amazon Customer

    It works well.

  36. Paul Michael Weir

    The product works great. Unfortunately the first one I received was defective (One of the holders did not work). The company quickly shipped me a replacement that works great.

  37. Don Mitchusson

    Very easy to mount. Does not need to be mounted on studs. Holds just about everything I have. Is very stable on the wall.

  38. Terry Baldowsky

    Great product. Easy to use and install.

  39. Alfredo Franco

    The holder is great I’m thinking of buying another one soon for my garden tools. All The reviews that I read were dead on!!. I recommend it to those who want a product that’s going to last. You definitely get what you pay for here. . No lie

  40. love hiking

    This product really fits the bill for storage that works, it is of excellent quality and easy to hang and use.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Arrived on time on works great!

  42. Brett A.

    This holder is sturdy, easy to install and holds the mops and brooms securely…a quality product for sure and easy to use.

  43. Ron W.

    I ordered two of these broom and mop holders. They appear sturdy and well-made. Installation was easy. > have just installed, so no duration knowledge, but expect great things.

  44. A&P

    This product is great! Easy to install. Great price too. Very happy with this purchase.

  45. L Peregrine

    Got these to clear up the clutter of several brooms that were always falling down. Easy to install, the green cloth they include is a very nice touch. Got one for my daughter’s new apartment while I was at it. I did my research before I bought them and will look to buy more from this same company in the future.

  46. Syretta Gibson

    Received the order on time, no damage, love the product!

  47. k911biz

    Have visited many stores hoping to find one of these that looked like it would hold up well but was disappointed in the offerings. Found this one online and even though I would like to have seen it firsthand, I ordered two and hoped they would work for holding all my various mop and dustbrooms. I am very pleased with the product itself. However, I opted to use larger screw anchors since the ones that came with the unit are too cheesy. One popped out after I put the screw into it leaving me to remove the whole unit to put in the bigger anchors. If you use the SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors (found at Lowe’s) you will have no trouble with the unit staying tightly in place. LOVE this product!

  48. Julia in A2

    It seems pretty sturdy and holds the mop and brooms, plus a little hook for a dustpan. The only drawback was that the included screws were too short for a solid installation so I used my own.

  49. Jessica Kuk

    Fits great, works well and great customer service

  50. Diana

    We ordered two of these items for our garage. They helped us organize our brooms/mops. They are well made, commercial grade. Better than anything we saw at the big box stores. We will be ordering more for our barn!!

  51. Thomas J Eighmie

    Just the item needed, arrived on time and is functional

  52. Blended Fashion

    This device works extremely well! I love having everything off of the floor, multiple brooms, mop, etc. Works great!

  53. Kate N. Leipold

    Just installed. Installation required drill with two bits, screw driver and stud finder. I’m actually looking for more things to hang in it.

    If it continues to work well, I might get another one or two for the garage.

  54. Fritzy

    works great and easy to install!

  55. Anathema Device

    Love it! I bought this to hold the attachments for our vacuum cleaner and it works wonderfully!

  56. Elizabeth Hughes

    Just what I needed for the several long-handled tools in my pantry. Some have holes for hanging on hooks, but most do not. This is the right solution!

  57. Brian

    I got two of these mop holders and both of them are defective. Each groove in this holder has a ball that goes up and down with a flimsy little metal spring and they are both broken. I doubt the rest will last very long.

    I read a review that said this was a janitor quality rack and I must disagree with that. It’s flimsy and light weight. The spring action balls are not very durable. Buyer beware

  58. moe101

    This is more expensive that most others out there and you do get what you pay for! Quality product. I strongly recommend!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Just hung up. Really hold handles snug and easy to retrieve brooms and mops. I really think this is going to work very well

  60. Don OGuin Jr

    A quality product!

  61. Virginia J

    Easy installation and works perfectly. Love the way it looks and the function it provides.

  62. anonymous

    so far so good

  63. T. Tetraodon

    simple, easy to install and use!

  64. Steven Merrell

    love it thanks!

  65. Mark H.

    Works well for our facility

  66. Dan D.

    If this thing was longer and a little more spaced out, it’d be perfect. So far I love just about everything about it. get one!

  67. John EC Smith


  68. Melinda Dutton

    Very easy to install. This tool holder came with all hardware and was on the wall in 10 minutes. Holds all necessary tools in easy reach.

  69. Ellen

    Purchased two-great product for organizing mops, brooms etc.

  70. Evelyn

    Works great

  71. Debbie

    Love these

  72. Kindle Customer

    I got a nice email almost as soon as I bought it explaining what was needed to attach this to the wall (a drill!). So this is not for the average five thumbs person to do. I had a handiman put it up; now we’ll see whether the “balls” that hold everything in work without breaking. Cross your thumbs.

  73. Lisete Oyervidez

    Organizes and keeps my brooms and other items off the floor, works great with different size length and weight items

  74. MN Joan

    Have had this for 2 years in a part-time home where it has held a broom and a mop. The springs on 2 of the holders have detached and I’ve been unable to reattach them, even after taking the whole thing down and spending an hour trying to repair. So replaced it with a springless, simpler holder that relies on S hooks. Crawford SVSS16 16-Inch Adjustable Smart Hook and Strap Storage System, sold on Amazon. I’ve used similar S hook holders for years and they’re still going strong. The spring design is interesting, but the Aristocrat implementation of it doesn’t stand up to even minimal use.

  75. Diana M.

    One of the broom holders broke the first time I took the broom out.

  76. Gabriel

    This is a great concept but after using it for almost a year one of the tracks doesn’t hold anything up anymore and the entire product is just cheaply made.

  77. Ballla4

    Worked fine for about a year and half then fell apart. No longer holds the broom, mop, etc handles. Look for something more substantial.

  78. BC

    Rack does not hold items well, even when used as directed. Had to tape broom/mop handles, and they still don’t stay. Returned the second one, as it was not yet hung.

  79. 8SGHC3

    Great for the garage or small spaces. Can even be hung in spaces out of the way without problems. Great value and purchase

  80. dan deering

    Broke the first day I installed it. Piece of crap.

  81. purple-g

    Two of the five springs broke in a month after very light use. Not sure how this product is getting all those five stars. Seemed like a good design, but I am now stuck with a mop holder that only performs at 60% efficiency and there is no telling how long the rest of the springs may last

  82. Anita Bustos-Rubi

    I had to return this because it was broken. Did not order another.

  83. jey

    waisting of money

  84. S. David

    I walk through the laundry room to get to the garage each morning, trip on the mop or a broom, drive off telling myself i will solve that problem of all those mops & brooms leaning in the corner like that. Even my kitten hates that mop she trips on it too.

    So as i surfed & shopped (yes i’m a shopaholic) i saw this broom and mop holder from Aristrocrat Homewares and decided to try it.

    The package arrived safe & sound.

    Initially i was surprised it seemed larger than it appeared in the picture…or …i must have very small brooms!

    I installed it on the wall in the laundry room near the hot water heater.

    Now my mops and brooms are nicely arrayed flat against the wall OFF the floor where i can’t stumble over them anymore after my cat trips on em and swats at it cuz she’s mad she tripped on it.

    I like this broom and mop holder very much and want another one for the garage too.

  85. John V Fazio

    I recently bought one of these Aristocrat broom organisers, unfortunately, not from Amazon, but I have to say that I am very pleased with it. It is made of a sturdy plastic, and comes complete with a screw kit so it’s ready to install, with no additional bits and pieces needed. I’m a handyman and so found it no problems to install, very easy and quick, but it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone to do. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. A cool thing about is that the broom and mop handles slide in and out effortlessly, and there are also two pull out hooks for dusters etc.

    In retrospect I wish I’d thought of searching for this on Amazon because I could have got the free cloth and lifetime guarantee. Although, I’m thinking of buying another one for my garage, as I have a heap of garden rakes and outdoor brooms that need sorting – nice product and can recommend it.

  86. Michael

    Mounted it on a wood panel wall with at least 1 screw in a stud. Seems very strong and I like the way it holds the handles. I have never seen this system before. I have mounted 2 brooms and 1 mop without a problem. I jiggled it a little and it holds firm to the wall. I can see myself using this as an organization tool around the house. Shipped fast

  87. Perry

    I wish I can be expressive enough to explain how perfect this broom organizer is. I own a broom and 2 different types of mops. A Dust pan and two dusters. The organizer i currently own is no organizer compared to this. The sticks and hooks stay in place no matter how thick it is. Easy to clip on and off. Doesn’t fall or slide around. Fits so beautifully on a narrow wall/closet. A simple bfoom and mop holder that can make such an organized difference in your daily life.

  88. Miriam

    Whoo hoo and just in the nick of time. We got this great idea to clean out the garage before the weather comes and found that we really needed some storage tools to give everything its proper place. We have a bunch of snow shovels and they all fit on this rack just fine.

    I was happy that it was easy to mount and it seems quite sturdy which will be important once we start needing to pull the snow shovels down for use.

    I would recommend this product and will be looking out for more because next we tackle the hall closet.

  89. Mikey

    This is the best space saver out here (for the kitchen or foyer). I actually use it in the kitchen for our mop, swifter, broom, dustpan, ect.. I love it, you hang these things up on the wall! It does not take up any space!

  90. Rachel

    This is a super item. It has organized my closet so well. I enjoy the extra space. I recommend this product.

  91. Siamese Cat

    I am happy that I bought Aristocrat broom organizers to replace my cheap one that had weak grip that didn’t hold very well and kept sliding down. This Aristocrat broom is sturdy and looks tough and has strong grip. I have noticed that it has thick grained rubber that hold and gives a firm grip to mop or tools in place. The price is justified when you save by free shipping; in fact, I received my product on the second day after purchase.

  92. Sal

    What a bliss! No more brooms , mops or vacuum cleaners falling everytime I open my closet. Makes life so much easier…..

  93. jammy

    As I’m a beat freak and can’t handle stuff flying around in my closet, one of the greatest ideas is in this product. There are many companies who make this organizer however this one is among this best! Very strong and I love this absolutely!

  94. LizC

    I got this product as a sample from the manufacturer and I am soo glad they chose me as a guinea pig.

    First I need to qualify that my husband is not the best handyman on the planet, so when I realised he would have to screw this to the wall I was nervous. But it was so easy, everything was in the packet. It was simple to screw into the wall then just hang on the screws. I have 4 different brooms and mops which were flopping everywhere and would fall out when I opened the closet door. Now they are all neatly hung on the closet wall, I can open the door fully and easily, which feels a bit strange since I still expect something to fall out and bump me on the head. A good product. Now I want to buy one each for the shed and the garage.

  95. Dkhughes

    I just mounted this to the wall in my laundry room and what a difference already! It seems so much more organized – just from getting all the stuff off the floor. Great quality – I think it will last a long time. Love the bonus rag too! I highly recommend!

  96. TracySpr

    Excellent customer service and an excellent product. This holder is so versatile, you can use it to hang so many things. Thank’s for helping me clean up my utility room.

  97. Johnna Zabel

    Just what I expected. It keeps my brooms organized.

  98. Rachel

    It was exactly what I expected. It hung easily on our wall, and holds our mops and brooms perfectly. I feel better about how organized that part of our basement is every time I walk past it.

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