Over the Door Shoe Rack and Hanging Closet Organizer System

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The solution to your storage problems, get your shoes off the floor! Here are our structural product specs, which you will find exceed expectations. Practicality and quality are our top priorities.

It is a strong, durable organizer that will outlast the rest:

  • THE STRONGEST ON THE MARKET – It is made of heavy duty 600 denier oxford woven polyester, for durability and resistance to abrasions.
  • THE POWER – It holds up to 44 lbs, and each pocket is supported by an MDF wood panel rather than the typical flimsy cardboards that will sag and bend, providing additional backing and support.
  • GOOD BALANCE & STABILITY – 4 specially selected metal slimline hooks prevent wobbling.
  • MEASUREMENTS – 25” W x 65” H. Each of the 24 pockets is 91/2” L x 6” W x 3.75” D. The hooks fit doors up to 1.5” thick.
  • A BONUS GIFT – a microfiber cloth to help keep your organizer looking like new!

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Aristocrat Homewares brings the solution to all your clutter in a snap!

We specialize in products to facilitate your everyday life. If you own one like our Tie Rack Hanger, you will know that we strive for the best balance of quality, practicality and price.


Key Product Attributes:

  • QUALITY SHOE/HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZER: This product is made of high quality 600 Oxford woven polyester, which is strong like canvas, with specially selected slimline hooks that can hold up to 44 lbs and has 24 good sized pockets (which fit shoes even up to size 13). We use MDF backing instead of flimsy cardboard to avoid sagging or bending.
  • ULTIMATE POCKET SIZE: It has big pockets with a good backing so it keeps everything, like your athletic shoes, clean and in place. The dimensions are 25” W x 65 “ L. It is big so you can put everything you need in it. Don’t forget to check your measurements.
  • VERSATILE – THE SKY’S THE LIMIT: Use it for any needs you find fitting. You may use it traditionally for your pair(s) of shoes, but some other ideas are in the kitchen (as a pantry organizer or for cleaning products), in the bathroom (for your make-up, soaps, sponges), in the laundry room (detergents, softeners, dryer sheets), in your bedroom (toys, children’s outfits, books), in the closet (belts, jewelry, underwear), in the garage (tools, wipes, cloths, car products).
  • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Only the best, as with all Aristocrat Homewares products, the over the door hanger comes with a no hassle SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We also include a FREE BONUS microfiber cleaning cloth EXCLUSIVE to Aristocrat and only available on Amazon. Buy it now and get organized!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: For further questions or help, our Aristocrat team will be at your disposal at any time. Simply write to us via the Amazon message system and one of our team members will be there for you personally.

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Weight 2.25 oz
Dimensions 65 × 25 × 0.2 in


440 reviews for Over the Door Shoe Rack and Hanging Closet Organizer System

  1. PalliNurse

    UPDATE ON ODOR: It was fine after I hung it outside for a couple of days and I also put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball in a pocket. Really strong, sturdy product at a great price, so the inconvenience to air it out was fine with me.

    The 4 over-door hooks provide a lot more stability then models with only 3 hooks. The hooks are pretty slender, but on my very tightly fitting closet door they prevent the door from closing completely. But that is an issue with my door, not the product.

    The pockets are some of the biggest and sturdiest I have found. They hold my husband’s shoes one per pocket and most of my pairs fit in one pocket.

    This product also makes a great organizer. The pockets have a pleat so there is less risk of ripping them if over-stuffed–something I have had happen with tighter, clear plastic pockets.

    The only negative is indeed the strong chemical-plastic-y smell. I opened a window, sprayed it with a fragrance mist, and then, when it was still prettystrong I used a cotton pad with essential oil on it dropped into a pocket, and that has helped a lot. If it stays strong it will have to go air out on the clothesline. I recommend the product for the quality but if you are sensitive to smells you might want to look elsewhere.

  2. Carol Doggett

    What an awesome product! First, the parcel arrived in record time. The fabric seems very heavy and strong. It honestly has the biggest pockets I’ve ever seen in a shoe organizer. It was very easy to hang and there was no sagging when I put my husbands shoes inside them. I’m glad I made the decision to pay just a little extra because I feel it is well worth the price I paid. I’m thinking of ordering one as a gift for my mother-in-law who really needs one for her knitting hobby. I think it would be great to store her yarn in.

  3. Dan02127

    I wear size 11.5 and have always had problems trying to find a rack like this that worked with my shoes. They are still a little tight, but you can actually use all the slots so this is much better than anything else I’ve tried. I do with that the pockets were just a bit larger so that i could just slide stuff in without having to mess with the shoes around them to get them all to fit.

  4. Gusmom

    This organizer really is the best I have ever seen. It is obvious that a lot of thought was put into making it sturdy and functional and better than the others. Also, the seller has been very proactive in ensuring that the product met my expectations. Evidently they have had problems with some dark streaks on some products, and sometimes the hooks missing, and they wanted to make sure that I knew I could get a replacement if that happened with mine. It didn’t though and it is just very nice heavy duty natural color duck cloth with sort of a lightweight vinyl backing (I’m not sure how to describe it but I think it would make the front inside of the pockets more dirt repellant and makes the overall product sturdier). We got this for our new camper which we downsized from one about twice the size. This means we have to be really conscientious about smart storage and having a place for everything. We needed a place near the entry for shoes so that they aren’t just laying around to trip over. This should work perfectly as well as having extra pockets for other things like gloves, cameras, flashlights, phone chargers, etc…

    One thing I will say is that when I was searching for a door organizer, even though this one looked like the best one from the photos on Amazon, I kept avoiding it because of their sales pitch! Their desire to share all the reasons why their product was best came across to me like those infomercials on TV that are so annoying! So, I looked at every single other organizer before finally breaking down and viewing this one. I am so glad that I did because I really do believe it is the best out there.

  5. Jason

    We needed a few of these for excess overflow of shoes. Most of the time these are cheap plastic or small pockets. What attracted me to this one was the heavier canvass and larger pockets, both of which are very true. We also could not use any sort of ‘rack’ or ‘rail’ versions because our door opens into a wall and limits space. A packet version was needed, so we ordered two, but the hooks that came with were not very robust and even a fairly light load caused them to deform and bend so that the door would not close. The seller was EXTREMELY responsive and immediately advised that the hooks were wrong and had been erroneously sent with a few shipments. She made arrangements for better hooks to be sent, and those were. They are better, and the excellent customer service is appreciated. I would give this product 5 stars of the hooks were still wider-yet and allowed for a small screw to hold them in place at the top of the door (out of sight). However, this is the best over-the-door organizer out there, and I do not believe that a 5-star version yet exists anywhere.

  6. Nancy A. Scaricamazza

    Love this large and sturdy shoe organizer! I fit 22 pairs of shoes in it because the pockets fit both shoes in one pocket! I did have to hang it outside for three days to eliminate some of the odor. If you go right up to it you can still smell it but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.

    I really love this because it just holds so much!

  7. Ursula

    This item was very easy to hang up on the door. It happens to fit our door perfectly. I read that it does not fit all doors in some of the reviews so it’s important to measure before ordering. The material is much nicer than I thought from the picture. I thought it was all plastic but it looks more like linen fabric. It does fit our shoes although my husband’s sneakers did peak out more than I wanted. But they do not fall out. My husband wears size 11 1/2. I think 12 would probably max for the pockets. I’m very pleased with this purchase. We remove our shoes when we come in from the garage and we have a tiny “mud room” and this frees up the floor space. Before this we used a spinning rack which after a few months came out of it’s socket and would always fall over. Then I tried a shoe rack which looked decent but the shoes kept falling off. This not only looks nice, frees up space but keeps the shoes where one can see them easily.

  8. Norm Winterowd

    This is perfectly, exactly what I was looking for!!! I had tried other lesser organizers, but their shoe slots were too small and kept ripping out. This is the most sturdy model I have seen, the shoe slots are large enough to actually hold wide athletic shoes, and there is no reason for anything to split out. LOVE this product!!!!!

  9. Debbie

    Got two of these. Last year I had purchased some plastic shoe racks that screwed onto the inside of my double closet doors. One of them broke so I had them both taken down and I decided to go back to this good old style once again and I love these new ones. You have more flexibility with these and they certainly wear well. I am very happy with this product. My shoes stay nice and organized with these.

  10. love 2 read

    I bought this to get rid of all my shoes cluttering up the floor. This works perfectly. The shoes that are in it are size 11 men’s .

    I can only get one shoe in one pocket which is fine, however for smaller shoes like flip-flops or slides you can get them both in one pocket. I haven’t used the pockets all the way at the top just the ones in the middle. So far it’s working out just fine.

  11. JzeroSH

    Acutally DOES hold large men’s shoes. I’m a boot wearing kind of guy, so I have many pairs of boots and/or heavier shoes. And this rack stored all my shoes and got them out of my closet floor. It supports the weight of my safety toed work boots and everything.

  12. Cecilia

    The organizer itself is of great quality. Best I’ve seen. Pockets are large enough for me to fit athletic shoes in (and my feet are not small). So I’m sure you could fit men’s shoes in this. I can fit a pair of sandals or smaller shoes in one pocket.

    I deducted one star because the hooks that came with the organizer were very weak and would not support the organizer with 7 pair of shoes in it. The hooks would bend out of shape with the weight and the organizer would fall. Luckily I had a pair of sturdier hooks on hand that I previously used to hang my ironing board, and they work much better. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.

  13. Leslie B. Edmonds

    This is a very sturdy product. The pockets are a good size. My 10 year old granddaughter’s shoes fit 2 to a pocket if they are a lighter tennis shoe, sandals or flats. Otherwise it’s 1 shoe to a pocket. All but a couple of pairs of longer boots fit in the pockets.

  14. Nobody

    Just received it two days ago, and I finally get to install it behind the bed room door. The quality is good, and it seems the material is very durable and sturdy. I do not give 5 stars for two reasons. First, the color is a bit boring, and it will be a plus if different color is offered. Second, the hooks that come with the product are typically for bedroom door, not the size for the main door. If the could also provide an extra set of hook for the main door (slightly wider) that will be EXCELLENT. I wanted to hang this product behind my main door, but I found that the “hanging hook” size is a bit too small; therefore, I have no choice but to hang this product behind my bedroom. (I live in a small apartment)

  15. christopher burns

    Well I would not typically leave feedback unless I was really happy, or really unhappy with a product, but this seller has asked no fewer than 5 times for me to leave this feedback. So, be careful what you wish for.

    This shoe organizer arrived quickly and was packaged just fine. When removed from the package it had a horrendous smell that still exists almost 2 weeks later. The material is not what I expected, but upon careful review of the description it seems correct. There is no MDF as stated in the description, nor is there cardboard so I am unsure what that part of the product description is all about.

    But, those complaints aside, I had to return my shoe organizer because one of the pockets was not sewn properly. The top of the pocket never made it under the stitching as there are no holes, or pattern of stitching and the top of the pocket is not attached where it should be. Minor flaw, but this organizer is 2 to 3x the cost of others which I dont mind, clearly I bought one, but I do expect quality when I pay for it. Plus, this flaw would most likely propagate and tear down the rest of the pocket.

  16. gomez addams

    The specs state it will hold a men’s size 13 sneaker. That is my size. Also, my shoe is unusually wide – a 6E New Balance. The fit was snug, but I attest that the holder DOES hold that size shoe. If all of your shoes are bulky sneakers, the whole organizer gets rather crowded. So I intersperse my crocs and my slides, and that works better.
    Does feel very sturdy. Have now been using this for a year, and it has held up just fine.
    The one thing that confuses me is why it is listed as a “Kids” product.
    This sure beats the much-lower-cost versions I have bought at Walmart, Target, etc.

  17. Elizabeth Brackman

    Very sturdy, with large pockets. We live in a cute little vintage 1920’s bungalow with two closets so small they don’t even fit a standard size hanger, so space is at a premium here. We gave up a bedroom as our dressing room. This over the door organizer freed up lots of floor space in that 11×11 space. It fits my husband’s size 13 shoes with no risk of them falling out. The four over-door hooks stabilized the whole thing so it doesn’t sag anywhere, and a shoe dusting cloth was included, very thoughtful addition.

    Caveat: check your door hinges if you are hanging large heavy shoes and secure them firmly.

  18. Debbie

    I was hesitant to order this shoe bag (that’s what I’m using it for) mainly because of price. I measured my old one and was pretty surprised how much bigger this one was. It was bigger than the rest I investigated. I knew the pockets had to be better. I’d had trouble shoving my large for a lady shoes into my cheap old one.

    I hung the shoe bag today and am so happy with it. It is so much bigger, stronger, and with large pockets than others on the market. It looks to be well made. Sometimes I think it pays just to pay the extra money. I’m sure this organizer will last this 63 year old the rest of my life, and if I’m lucky enough to live a few more years the extra money will seem not to matter. The extra dollars I spent will cut down on the aggravation for those years of trying to shove large shoes into little pockets.

  19. Bookworm

    I have used over the door show storage for years but not been happy since I have larger shoes so they didn’t fit well and couldn’t put shoes in all the slots. It works well and now I can fully use all the slots. Highly recommend.

  20. RenegadeRose

    This isn’t a pretty shoe holder….I do wish some companies would make a feminine one…but it is very well made…very sturdy and holds a good amount of shoes. The pockets are very roomy, so men’s shoes or women’s boots that just go over the ankle fit well enough. The hooks were thin enough to allow my closet door to close properly. Was a good solution for me as my closet is quite dark and I was very tired of crawling around on hands and knees searching for that matching shoe.

  21. Scoop

    If you need a shoe organizer that will easily hold those larger shoes–be they wide or a big size–then this is the one for you. My husband and I tried other bags and his size 13 walking shoes did not even come close to fitting. They slide right into these pockets. The construction is sturdy and it hangs up in a flash. We actually have it hanging from a closet shelf instead of over a door. Just a little modification and voila! I highly recommend!

  22. spencer9

    Aristocrat Homewares seems to be very proactive about helping customers who buy this product. They emailed me to warn me that packaged hooks might be the wrong kind. When the rack arrived, the hooks were perfect, and the organizer is perfect also! I’m very glad to finally be able to hang up my size 12 running shoes and trail runners. I would happily recommend this product for anyone who needs to organize large running shoes.

  23. Brendan

    As advertised. It easily fits my US Men’s size 9.5 sneakers. There were some brown smudges on some of the material when i first opened it, but it’s not too noticeable and would probably wash off. The fabric seems strong, I am not worried at all about it tearing or ripping. Buying this was a great decision, as I no longer need to have my flimsy plastic shoe rack on the floor where it looked terrible and took up space.
    I am not using the included metal hooks, so I cannot speak to their quality. I am not hanging this on a door, I am hanging it from the side of a wardrobe using 4 Command hooks.

  24. CCPAPA

    Seems like sturdy material however workmanship in manufacturing terrible. I purchased 2 of these for 2 – 3 times the cost of others hoping that I’d get good quality products but they lack the good old fashioned workmanship and quality control. Missed stitching and loose threading all over the place. 2 of 4 grommets at the top of each organizer not installed properly, misses prepunched holes and not even secured. Pondering whether I should send back or fix on my own. Would be a great product if workmanship in manufacturing was better.

    Update 4/14/15. After corresponding with Irene/Aristocrat Homewares, replacements sent and received in a week. The replacements are really what I originally expected. Well packed, sturdy, well put together with solid hanging hardware. THEY are definitely worth the additional money spent over the other brands. Terrific customer service.

  25. Brenda S. Sprague

    Not too pretty, but I have used this for several years and it is holding up just like new. Strong over the door hooks and the canvas is substantial. Worth the money over the cheap man made poly styles.

  26. Shirney knows

    This product appears to be well made however I wasn’t able to use it. The wire hooks that go over the door scratched the door and the door jam. I expected some rubbing and marking as you get with any over the door hanger but I knew if I left this shoe organizer there I’d have a really scratched door and door jam. And this was before I filled it. After filling it it would’ve been so heavy and that would’ve multiplied the damage to the door, etc. Aristocrat seems like a very conscientious company and I had to give them only 2 stars. If I was rating the company I would give them 5 stars.

  27. Chandon

    This shoe rack is sturdy and well built (probably made in China), but mainly it has large pockets and the 6 rows have 2 or so inches of space between them. It’s plastic and easily cleanable. I’m replacing this with a similar one I bought about a year ago made of some sort of cloth which appeared to be canvas. I washed it in the machine and it literally fell apart, making it unusable. It hangs over the back of the closet door and keeps shoes out of sight.

  28. Julie

    Arrived on time! Most importantly, just as sturdy as advertised. Color is also as advertised, and a good match for the door. Unlike some other brands, this one has shoe slots long enough and deep enough for adult sized shoes (women’s 8.5US) both in the pair. I’m pleased with the purchase.

  29. E. Miller

    I absolutely love my new Over the Door Shoe Rack Organizer! I had been using a shelf behind my closet door for my shoes (whenever I found energy enough to put them there!) Most of the ones I wear most frequently usually wound up on my closet floor (spread out sometimes so it was hard to get to my clothes on the rods.) I have some back and arthritis problems which cause me to take the easy way out most of the time. I happened to think of moving my full-length mirror from the back of the door to my room and looking for an over the door rack for my shoes, thus moving them out of my closet, completely. Oh, what a difference this organizer makes! When I take off my shoes, in a pocket (or two) they go; so easy to choose which pair to put on next. It very attractive, although it’s visible only to me. It is such a neat solution to my messy problem!

  30. Harry

    There is no way this will hold my shoes. I mostly wear sneakers and this doesn’t cut it. I am returning it. I went to the Container Store and ended up buying a closet hanging sweater holder. Works great for shoes!

  31. Martha Russell

    Until I saw this Shoe Rack Closet Organizer System and the 5-year warranty I would have never considered it. All I could remember were behind the door shoe storage pockets that were flimsy plastic with the binding around the edges; everything tore, even the hooks holding it on the door. Not this Shoe Rack Closet Organizer System! Now I have a place for the shoes that I wear most often as well as for my purses. My medium sized purses I folded in half to put into the holders, while the smaller ones fit perfectly. I like this better than storing everything in the closet on shelves, because my shoes can now spread out on the shelves and my purses are easier to see. The pockets are ample size and made of canvas, that should give durability, while the four over-the-door hooks use grommets that should give support and longevity to the whole system.

  32. E. Cates

    Fabulous quality and construction. This will last a very long time. I am using it to hold my cleaning supplies since I live in a very small apartment in a very big city. I can see everything at a glance and keep it all well organized.

  33. Mike

    I wear a size 14 and this over the door shoe hanger is nice and keeps my shoes organized !

  34. keerng

    The way to tell if a seller really values a customer is how they react when the sale does not go as planned. This is a seller who went over and above what was required to try and make things right for me and to make sure I was ultimately satisfied with the product and the sale. I would recommend this seller’s products to anyone in the future. They made sure that I was finally happy with the product and saved the sale. This product is made extremely well. I really love the beautiful heavy linen type fabric and the organizer itself is very high quality. It is nice to be able to see and find my favorite shoes and not have them stored in their boxes on the floor. The fabric helps keep the dust off the shoes and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for shoe storage in a small space.

  35. Amy

    I expected a very nice product from the description I read online. The product I received was heavy plastic backed fabric. The plastic had cracks and pinholes from being folded too many times to fit it in a very small package. That damage combined with a heavy chemical odor that hit me as soon as the package was opened was enough to make the decision to return it and not order a replacement. I was disappointed.

  36. Rog

    I bought this rack during the Amazon 20th year anniversary sale. It looked good coming out of the package and I was happy that it hung on my door. Later, I noticed a smell coming from my room and couldn’t determine where it was coming from. I first thought someone was cooking but later went to the source…..the rack! It smelled like used cooking oil! I almost threw up! After washing it,the smell still was present but lessened but threads came off and the pockets started to tear off. You decide if you want some used cooking oil rack hanging in your room. Smells like toxic plastic.

    Update: I just received an email from the Seller and Irene said she would provide a replacement! I’ll update you once the new rack arrives. Pleased regarding the customer service! I hope they deliver.

  37. Dr. B’s Kitchen

    I really like the size of the pockets and the construction is sturdy. But what good are these features if you cannot stand the smell of the off-gas. I have washed it, allowed it to dry in the sun and kept it outside for 9 days and still will not hang it in my closet due the foul odor.

  38. Patti

    Excellent over the door storage for shoes. I needed one that would hold a mans shoe and this one does the job! My husband has a wide foot and his shoes would not fit in any other shoe over the door organizer….so glad I found this one. Also, the hook over the door allows the door to close all the way without a struggle which is another bonus.

  39. Chuck in Long Island

    The intended location for the rack was a single door closet, which happened to be too narrow for the width of the rack. Fortunately, its canvas construction allowed me to fold back one fourth of its width and hang it using three hooks. I’ve lost 5 pockets but at least could use it for 7 pairs, in lieu of the provided 10. The shoe pocket is enough to hold my 10.5 size shoes, not too snugly but held anyway. All things considered, I am happy with it.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Expensive, but well-made. I have a mens 13 extra wide shoe and the fit is snug, but the shoe does fit…barely. I also have a 14W shoe that also fits…barely. I’m guessing that mens size 15 won’t fit, but it might if it is narrow to maybe medium. No problem with getting 12 pairs of these large shoes to fill up the organizer. Keep in mind that only the tips of these shoes go into the pocket and the rest of the shoe, about half in my case, sticks out, but that makes it easier to remove and the shoes won’t fall out. To remove, I just grasp the pocket with my left hand and remove the shoe with my right. Time will tell if the stitching holds up, but it looks as though it will.

  41. Jacky S

    Great concept, but make sure to measure your door thickness, as the clips included are for interior doors, not fire doors (like the one from your garage to inside your house). I had to physically modify the clips to fit, and even then the clips had too much play and ended up putting a gouge on the door frame. I still use it since there’s nothing else on the market quite like this, and the quality of the fabric is great.

  42. JEC

    Perfect storage solution. Nice roomy pockets and very sturdy fabric. I love it! I am using it in my sewing room to keep my trim fabrics in easy eye view. No more digging thru stacks of fabric to find the correct trim.

  43. Amy Jones

    Fits very well over the door. I find it great for storing my less worn shoes. It works for other things like extra shampoos and toiletries, clothes brushes, and more.

  44. T. Stuart

    Good quality material, good stitching, I have size 9 1/2 shoe and shoes must be one per slot, {compartment} slippers, boat shoes, collapsible shoes can fit into one compartment. I have a total of 13 pairs of shoes including all the above I mentioned. It will not hold boots but it does holds my larger street shoes, however, it’s tight. I have one compartment leftover. Metal hooks fit nicely over my door and am able to close door completely, easily.

  45. Kristinr

    This is the second shoe organizer I’ve gotten,first from this company. While the first, from a big box store is very good,it can’t match the sturdiness and roominess of this one. I have smallish feet so most of my lighter summer shoes are able to go as a pair into one pocket. My clunkier hiking and athletic shoes go easily into separate pockets with room to spare so I imagine larger shoes would fit well. Easy to set up and unit doesn’t flop around when closet door opens and closes. Excellent value for the money.

  46. Abraham Lincoln

    My husband has size 13-1/2 shoe. This rack accommodates a shoe in each pocket. Other shoe rack pockets are too small. I am able to fit both of my 8-1/2 women’s flats or modest heel height in each pocket. The fabric and construction of the product is strong. I hung mine on the wall behind my door with screws, making sure that at least one screw was in a stud. Hanging it by the hooks over the door works too. I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you Amazon.

  47. L E

    I simply “LOVE” this shoe organizer. I’ve bought several. It’s strong and holds a lot of shoes. I have doubled up on sandals, putting both pair in one holding place. My advice to anyone considering this shoe organizer to “BUY IT”.

  48. Taj

    This is, as advertised, a heavy duty shoe organizer with extra large sized pockets. I was easily able to store a pair of flats in each pocket. It is exactly what I was looking for.

  49. Alicia

    This is a very large shoe organizer. I found that it did not fit on the back of any closet door (too wide), but did fit on a standard sized door. I do not put very large bulky men’s shoes in order for the door to be close to the wall when fully open. That said, I can easily put a pair of shoes in the pockets that are flight, ie flip flops (even ones with higher bases), sandals, slippers, etc. I am very pleased with it, as it is really not noticeable when the door is fully open. (The husband walked by it all day without realizing it was there!). So we are both happy, my shoes are neatly put away and he doesn’t even see them!

  50. Ballard

    Size 12 men’s. Fit great. Strong hooks for top of door. No other choices provided the capacity to hold my shoes. None of the other Amazon choices accommodated a men’s size 12. This is an awesome, well-built, strong door rack that fits a big guy.

  51. Zac Sturgeon

    Used for 6 months now. Slim hooks allow my door to close with ease, shoe pockets hold all of my shoes except my boots which is to be expected, no tears or issues of any sort. Recommended.

    *I have in no way, shape or form been compensated for this review*

  52. Rebecca Uren

    It’s exactly what I needed. I love that the pockets are extra big; they’re large enough for my husband’s sneakers which is great because most shoe organizers seem to only fit my shoes, and I’m not the one in this family who’s obsessed with footwear, he is! We have kind of a narrow closet but the rack fits perfectly. No more tripping on running shoes, weightlifting shoes, basketball shoes, every day sneakers, fancy sneakers, rainy day sneakers . . . my living room looks like a sane person’s living room again! It’s very sturdy as well and resists dirt pretty good.

  53. Mark

    I wear size 13D shoes and this item works not only for dress shoes, but for my cross trainers as well. I would guess this would be perfect up until at least size 15. It is well made, sturdy, and the metal grommets are great. My door fits too tight against the jamb for the over the door hooks, so I just put in four large cup hooks and hung it right on the door – Perfect!

  54. Lynda Hitt

    I ordered this over the door organizer when we moved into a MUCH smaller apartment. I went from having so much closet space to none so I needed something to do with my shoes. This is wonderful. It’s has pockets that will hold a pair of thin shoes or one of heavier shoes. It’s well made, comes with a bag to keep it in when not in use and the hooks are in a hard, reinforcing piece of mdf or hard board. This keeps the top of the organizer flat.

  55. J. Dooley

    I’ve only had this a few days and so far it’s great! Although I didn’t want to spend as much on a shoe rack, I decided I wanted something of a great quality for a change and this didn’t disappoint. I can tell by the construction and stitching, this is going to last me practically forever. Also, I wear a size 15 wide in Men’s shoes and everything fits in there fine! I’d recommend this!

  56. Emschaub

    Nice product. Only suggestion is to have option of some bracket on the bottom to keep the organizer from flapping around so much when door is open and closed. Nothing has fallen out so far so working well.

  57. David N. Lewis

    This product was more expensive than most of them. Payed less in the past and was un happy. This product was well made and I am glad I stepped up and purchased this one.

  58. Rose

    Love the Length and the quality of the materials.Well worth the price.I will be ordering more items from this company.

  59. Janice Kunihiro

    My Ever the Door Shoe Organizer is perfect for me closet. Now my shoes are off the floor. The pockets are just the right size. Best of all, they provide easy access and look great on my closet door. The customer service is excellent. When I contacted them to provide the missing hooks, they were quick to send me the hooks in no time flat. They are wonderfully pleasant and bend over backwards to correct the missing hooks. I would order from them again.

  60. Douglass W List

    This product actually does what you are looking for. It not only hold a woman’s shoe that barely exists. It holds your men’s size 10 full bodied running shoes and golf shoes, even with the socks stuffed inside. And you don’t worry that it’s going to tear itself to pieces in a few weeks. A well designed and engineered product.

  61. Justin

    Amazing, it holds the weight of the shoes and feels very strong. This allows you to save so much space by using the un-used space behind your door. I wear a men’s size 11 shoe and it fits well, but depending on the type of shoe, it sometimes won’t go all the way down the shoe holder. Vans fit very easy, but bulky shoes like Nike’s don’t fit as easily, but still holds them great! I would recommend this for anyone who wears regular shoes, no high tops or boots, and probably not high heels, but I don’t know about that, because I don’t wear high heels. Saves me so much space and is organized!

  62. So Cal Dad

    Great Product. You can also wash it if it gets dirty. I also like that there is wide slots for big and small shoes.

  63. Louise B.

    I love the size of the pockets for this shoe organizer. They are much more roomy than traditional ones. The quality is good too, with good solid stiching.

  64. Bkborden

    I really, really wanted to like this over the door shoe organizer. The pros are that it’s very sturdy, large, and fitted all the shoes I had. The deal breaker? It ended up sticking to my door and pieces of the back of the organizer stuck to my door. I can’t get the pieces off my door without ripping the door paint off, so this organizer has been rendered unusable.

  65. Southern Lady

    I like the sturdy canvas fabric and the roomy shoe pockets. I just wish there were some way to secure the shoe organizer to the door so that it doesn’t move when the door is opened and closed.

  66. Danyelle Seiders

    Fit’s both flip flops in one slot and it fit’s my husband’s size 11 1/2 sneakers no problem. Stays where we put it, we were a little worried about how flimsy the hooks seemed but they are holding up so far. The material is very sturdy also.

  67. S. Kirkendall

    This shoe organizer is exactly as described and suits my needs perfectly. It’s very sturdy, well constructed and easy to hang over the door. I highly recommend this product to store shoes, handbags, skeins of yarn, etc.

  68. One Who Adores Amazon

    Bought 2 of these, one for my closet and one for my husband’s. He was extremely jealous until he realized I had bought one for him too. These are I feel a few steps above the plastic ones that are available and we are also grateful for the door protector cloth that was included. Being that they were extra large pockets, my husband and I both can on some shoes place both shoes in one pocket. We just love them.

  69. alicat32

    Fits well over standard door. Did come with the hangers, and included a note to contact them right away if hangers were missing. Must be a bit of a problem for them. Sturdy construction, but pockets are a bit small.

  70. Michael King

    I purchased this to help organize my shoes. I wear size 14s, which are heavy and big, and they all fit in there just fine.

    So why the 4 stars? Well, the hooks it comes with are a bit… flimsy. They were fine when the shoe rack was only about half full. Once I added a couple additional pairs however, the hooks started to bend and the rack fell off the door. A bit annoying, but an easy fix at your local home depot for only a couple of bucks for stronger door hooks.

  71. Green Mtns

    Order now reigns in my entry hall closet! I love the durability of the canvas and the flat hooks, which allow the door to close easily. Now that organization and order have a beachhead, I am going to buy more of these as the tidiness revolution spreads through the entire house!

  72. Amazon Customer

    Love that it has 4 hooks. Keeps it in place without bending the hooks.

  73. Julie

    love this organizer, we have it in the back of our entry closet door (inside the closed) and have enough pockets for our gloves, hats & dog leashes, etc. Really handy organizer

  74. cricketfan67

    A great and sturdy product – the product description is accurate.

  75. Mike R

    This shoe organizer is made of sturdy canvas with strong stitching. It will last much longer than other ones I’ve seen that are made from thin polyester or mesh. The pockets are large enough to hold my size 13 shoes. Because it is heavier, it will not “swing” as easy if hung on a door (but if that’s a problem, just fasten down the bottom). It’s pricier, but will not rip and should last a long time, and can be used to hold other items such as tools or household products.
    I had some questions before I purchased, so I emailed the company and received excellent very responsive answers the same day.

  76. Jess

    The shoe rack has plenty of room for larger shoes and saves a ton of closet space.

  77. LawyerMom

    This was the perfect piece for my closet. It holds all the shoes I need it to hold, with space leftover. In fact, I got a pair of dress shoes (not just 1 shoe) to fit in some of the compartments. (I wear a ladies’ size 7.) I particularly like the fact that it came with a piece of felt-like material to go over the top of the door so you don’t scuff it with the hooks. It looks great in my new house!

  78. MarilynM

    Quality material. Accommodates both my footwear and hubby’s XXL. Have finally found a product that is attractive and functional.

  79. Gadget Girl

    I live in NYC. Every bit of usable space is KING.

  80. Lloyd Thompspon

    This replaced my vinyl shoe rack which lasted about 15 years. It failed due to embrittlement. I like the larger pouches of this product for men’s’ shoes and it certainly more rugged than my previous shoe rack, but the pouches should be 1-2″ longer as the geometry causes interfere with the shoes above.

  81. lonedemon

    This is my first purchase of a over the door shoe organizer. I like that it is made with sturdy fabric which will hold up well throughout it’s use.

  82. Deborah A.

    I am very happy with this item. I attached it to the wall that the garage door swings toward when opened. It’s a very small space and shoes on the floor would get pushed away and interfere with access to the two-piece bathroom right right beside it. Now I can organize my women’s size 11 walking shoes even though I only have 3 pairs as well as store other items like hats, shoe polish, gloves, etc. out of the way. I recommend this for anyone with larger items that would not fit in the usual shoe organizer.

  83. L. G. Sipe

    Overall the door hanger is very good. It holds my size 11 shoes – one per pocket. Sturdy, deep pockets. Plenty of room for socks with shoes. My only challenge was the over-the-door hooks. They were not very sturdy and easily bent out of shape. I put the holder on the inside of the closet door so the hooks would stay over the top. Think I will look for replacement hooks at hardware store. Otherwise, would buy again.

  84. Dars

    I Just bought this a week ago and What an awesome product! First, the parcel arrived in record time. The fabric seems very heavy and strong. It honestly has the biggest pockets I’ve ever seen in a shoe organizer. It was very easy to hang and there was no sagging when I put my shoes inside . Everything that they said in the reviews about this product is very right ! It also came with a free microfiber cloth and with
    25% discount coupon which was a cool added bonus. Loved it! I might even get another one ! I can actually see all my shoes!! Highly very much recommended !

  85. michelle angelo

    The pockets are good quality. The problem is that the hooks that go over the door are thin and weak. If you fill 90% of the pockets the hooks bend and the whole rack comes crashing off the door. I wear a men’s size 11 shoe so if you wear smaller shoes maybe it will work. Close but not quite good enough.

  86. Buzz Avery

    Good space saver and shoes all visible. Loses a star as fabric tends to fold over where shoes go so must be un-folded to slide shoes in. Also, doesn’t hold large shoes very well, like my size 11D.

  87. Miguel A. Valle

    It fits well and holds my size 12-13 shoes nicely. However, it looks too simple to deserve paying that much for it. I feel I could have gotten something similar for less. I think the published 4-5 star reviews, which convinced me to purchase, were not realistic (or, perhaps, truthful).

  88. Kimberly A Miller

    I was looking for an over the door shoe organizer and purchased this item on Prime Day. It arrived on time and in good condition. My husband had to re-bend the hooks to hang it over our door, since our door is thicker than standard. I wish the hooks were a little more durable, as they initially fell down when stuffed with all my shoes, but seem to be fine after adjusting the bend.

  89. Connie

    Perfect for my needs.great quality product. Received in timely fashion. Thank you !!!!

  90. Elizabeth M. Shoemaker

    I can’t believe how well this holds up! Fantastic buy! It’s really solidly built and didn’t totally shred the door frame, either. I’m so glad I bought this.

  91. cailin

    High quality, large pockets, and feels well-made. If you’re using this for running shoes and sneakers then you’ll probably need each shoe in a separate pocket. For sandals, dress shoes, converses, etc 2 shoes do fit per pocket.

  92. Alexandrina

    I am pleased with it. The pockets are large. Larger than what I have seen in the stores before. It just smells a little funny because of the plastic coating. But it is a great organizational tool.

  93. Elizabeth M. Corea

    You’d think I was buying a car or a house…how I looked at all the shoe rack closet organizers, comparing and evaluating. Aristocratic Homewares had the winning one. It has generous compartments, is strongly constructed and easy to put on the door. This one is a winner.

  94. Mom of 2 Girls

    I wish I would have thought to purchase this years ago. I’ve been frustrated with my family leaving shoes in the laundry room all over the floor. The closet shoe rack is already full. Hanging this over the door rack on the laundry room door is perfect! No more shoes on the floor.

  95. Piotr

    A large storage space, pockets are spacious can hold large shoes or even a pair in one pocket. Look also satisfactory like fabric and looks solidly made that will last for long time. Four stars because of a nasty odor that does not want to disappear after a few days despite open doors

  96. N. R. L.

    The smell from this organizer is terrible. I’m hanging outside for a few days hoping it gets better

  97. B. Parker

    I ordered this for my Mom who is in assisted living and has a small space. This hung beautifully and easily over the door. It is large,strong, roomy, attractive, and holds a variety of items in easy reach. This is the highest quality over the door shoe storage I have seen. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  98. george misener

    works great . Very good quality.

  99. Nancy H

    Very Sturdy and well made

  100. Virginia

    Works well. What more can you ask.

  101. Ashley McConnell

    Very sturdy item, amazingly fast delivery. I’m very pleased with this shoe organizer. Expensive, yes, but worth it..

  102. Josephine Anne

    I have tried other over the door shoe organizers, but this one is the best. It’s sturdy and the pockets are a good size. I can put a pair of high heels in each pocket. Glad I got it, and I’ve recommended it to other friends.

  103. Christine B.

    Shipped and received as described. Wonderful shoe rack. Will hang on a wall in my closet instead of on the door.

  104. nycmomanddaughter

    It was a shoe-in. Love it.

  105. George L. Stroker

    Received in timely fashion. Have not had time to install, but looking forward to seeing how it works.

  106. WorksalotJr

    Works great for my sons shoes!!! (He is reorganizing them lol)

    “Aristocrat Homewares” Customer Service, even while using Amazon Prime, is spotless!!! They were on point the whole time (Before, During, and After my order).

  107. s roche

    Really good quality….holds LARGE shoes, would give 5 stars, but could not close door…had to nail on inside of door, but works great that way.

  108. Mesquite Girl

    This is very well made (not flimsy plastic! I didn’t expect this quality at that low of a price. I filled mine up with shoes & it hangs very well on the back of a door. With 4 hooks, it does not sag with the weight of the shoes. AND it looks nice too!

  109. Gil Delaney

    Timely delivery, excellent product, my wife’s shoes are now nicley organized in our walk-in closet.

  110. Sheila

    Good quality, sturdy canvas. I’ve had it for about a month and it holds both my shoes and ankle boots with no problem (I’m a size 7.5, fyi). Glad i purchased.

  111. Joann Robison

    Received this quickly and it is as described. My closet door shuts tightly, but the hooks are thin enough so the door still closed completely. Since there are 4 hooks, the organizer is anchored well. I am very happy with the extra space at the bottom of my closet and even happier that my shoes are now easy to locate. Highly recommend.

  112. Thrice-a-dad

    Works well for its intended purpose. My size 11 shoes fit fine. The included door hangars arrived with the organizer, though I did not need them for my installation.

  113. Willa

    As described, the compartments are larger then those of most over the door hangers.. I filled it up immediately. It seems very sturdy, and was a snap to install.

  114. Deeksie

    Roomy pockets. Sturdy material. Hooks are flat enough to fit into the small space between door and frame. My other organizer’s hooks did not fit.

  115. William Mucyn

    This is one great product to get my shoes and sneakers off the floor.

  116. Debbie

    Works well. Arrived on time and I would definitely recommend.

  117. 5wood

    Ordered one of the less expensive versions and it showed up without holes or grommets for the over door hangers. Ordered this one and you can definitely see the construction differences. This one is much higher quality. I have men’s size 9 and shoes fit fine. I can’t confirm, but would think a up to men’s size 12 would fit, although snugly. Our door closes even with the hooks. Having 4 hooks does keep in place better than 3.

  118. LCN

    It lost a start because it has a strong chemical smell out if the package, however the material is excellent quality and has held up. Maybe the chemical smell is to help it be resistant to wear and tear

  119. Amazon Customer

    Perfect size for oversized shoes and I also use it as a t-shirt storage; just fold n roll and they slip right into the extra large pockets.

  120. Athabasco

    Costs a little more but worth it. Good construction and quality. If you are looking for a shoe organizer that will last this is a good choice. I have been quite satisfied with it.

  121. Joanne Vaillancourt

    I have had this for a while, more than a year. It is holding up very well. Seems to be well stitched together.

  122. Rebecca

    This came very quickly, and holds a lot of shoes. We have solid wood doors and the hangers wouldn’t fit over the door, so I just hung it off the boy’s bunk bed which worked fine.

  123. Kelly and Michelle McClure

    I love that this is soft. The previous one I had banged on the door and lost it’s shape. This one is easy, great, thick material and fits a good portion of my shoes.

  124. Lisa M. Smith

    This was perfect. I have a very very old house with thin doors, rickety, narrow openings. I was afraid this wouldn’t work for my daughter’s huge shoe collection on the floor, but it did. Looks fine, sturdy and stays on with the door opening and closing.

  125. Richard Cunningham

    It’s very well made, it has pockets plenty large enough for my size 12s. My wife said “Don’t get one of those things, the pockets are always too small.” Now, she has her shoes in 2/3 of it. The 4 hangers fit a standard size door and are strong enough to give it plenty of support.

  126. Voyta

    Good quality pockets, plenty of space to fit small things.
    One issue is over-the-door hangers, seems it will damage my closet door. They are made of unpainted metal in very narrow strips, and they don’t quite form straight angles, therefore do not go tightly to the door top surface, therefore somewhat scratching the top part of the doorway. And metal immediately colors the white paint in grey.

  127. cb

    Solidly constructed, looks good. Pockets easily take my size 10-11 woman shoes — they are deep and wide.
    Worth every dollar.

  128. J. A. Burrell

    Great shoe organizer! No more bending or reaching for the under bed organizer. Well made with fabric not cheap plastic. I really like this organizer. Now my wife wants one or two or three!LOL.

  129. molson

    This is exactly what I wanted. It is sturdy and each compartment is roomy for shoes. It comes with a dusting cloth. It is made of a heavy canvas like material. You can even put sandles or flats in one compartment. I can get rid of my shoe boxes!

  130. BACow

    My daughter loves this organizer and she is not easily pleased

  131. Bookie

    Exactly what I needed in a new small space. Hooks did not fit over my closet door, but I was able to attach it with screws. Love it!

  132. Louis J Garcia

    as advertised, fully utilitarian! Good quality.

  133. Olivia Twist

    does the job

  134. Sophie D

    Great product, heaps of room, very practical. I love it! Even my husband’s bulky shoes fit in easily (he’s a size 13).

  135. Edrie Goldstein

    Good product, we use on back of bathroom door, to store things
    (Mouthwash, powder, etc.

  136. MicroMacro

    I would agree fully with the review posted by D. Long. The material is tough, construction is solid, I just wish the pockets were a bit bigger. Many shoes fit very snugly, a bit more room would have prevented the finagling it takes to get them in. It does the job admirably whereas other products don’t even DO the job.

  137. Diane Jensen

    Nice large compartments for my running and cycling shoes! Seems sturdy, arrived quickly. The only thing I’d change would be to provide hooks that are a little longer or add a little more fabric at the top of the top row of compartments – if I put shoes in those ones, they don’t clear the door frame.

  138. Southenlady

    The shoe organizer is more than I expected !! It is stronger and more roomier than I expected. Also the scarf organizer is wonderful, now I have room for all the things that I need to hang.

  139. JR


  140. Amazon Customer

    I liked the quality of this over the door shoe rack so much that I ordered a second one for my other closet! It is so good to be able to find my shoes quickly on the shoe rack! It was easy to install over the door, and the price was right.

  141. RECON365

    Great quality shoe organizer. Arrived on time and couldn’t be happier with my purchase…so I bought an additional shoe rack for my mud room.

  142. Pumwee1

    This is just what I needed for my closet. Well made and easy to use. Fits my sneakers as well as shoes.

  143. Maureen D’Arcy

    Larger shoe pockets than most and very sturdy. Arrived on time and packaged well.

  144. Amazon Customer

    If you want an organizer that will last as long as your shoes this is the one. Easy to mount on door.

  145. Barry Solomon

    quality rack. I am a man with size 11 feet, and it fits most shoes great. It also hangs great on my door, and just cleaned up my closet beautifully.


    Great investment, keeps all my shoes neat and off the floor.

  147. Connor Upchurch

    On the verge of five stars until the hooks gave way to my footwear weight. This was unexpected; hooks should be stonger, obviously steel.

  148. crewband

    Purchased this for my college son at his request. His dorm room and closet are very small so it will be helpful for he and his roommate to be able to store their shoes off the floor. The organizer seems very sturdy. Will see how it holds up to two college males.

  149. PJ

    Great, high-quality door organizer! I spent a good few hours comparing all the different organizers on Amazon and this one delivered as promised. The construction is top notch with stitched edges and comfortably fits all of my shoes (9.5 Mens). I would definitely recommend to others.

  150. Pearly Shells

    Great purchase for husband’s closet.

  151. Lea Cochrane

    Perfect storage solution for my daughter’s “stuffies”
    Quality material

  152. patpaq

    Love it. The shoe cubbies are nice and large. Keeps flip flops neat and off the floor.

  153. Amazon Customer

    easy to install and use. Perfect! Would buy it again for several of our doors. Highly recommended! Just make sure the side is fit for your doors.

  154. Zonian8

    Perfect fit, large pockets. Love it.

  155. janicez

    Fit my standard door perfectly- got 12 pair of size 9 shoes off my floor, even a pair of ankle boots 🙂

  156. lynette

    excellent. Easy to install, roomy pockets. Very good quality. I know I will use this for many years, if not for shoes then some other things.

  157. Vicki Albiero

    While I thought the shoe organizer was initially pricey- you get what you pay for. Very sturdy, durable and well made. It fit over the door easily but we decided to hang with screws so the hooks would not be visible with the door closed. Held my shoes (size 7)and my husband’s shoes (size 12) without a problem. Much better quality than your average shoe organizer.

  158. Amazon Customer

    Product was perfect for me.The openings were large and plenty of room to hold my shoes.Just what I was looking for

  159. Amazon Customer Marc Tretin


  160. Susanna

    This over the door shoe holder is very strong and sturdy. I can even use it to store other items. The material is very strong and the pockets are large. It was super easy to hang over my bedroom door. My husband’s huge shoes even fit in the pockets. Yeay!

  161. Kurt

    way happy with the big pockets

  162. Eric C. Fusco

    Well constructed, sturdy and does the job. Holds all my shoes and more! Would buy from again. Fast shipping!

  163. Victoria

    I like this product because it does hold a good amount of shoes and seems well made but the over the door hooks are not strong enough to hold the weight of what the bag will hold. Also, the door is difficult to close because of the way the hooks are shaped. I am currently looking for replacement hooks.

  164. Amanda E.

    This is a very high quality canvas that with large pockets to store your shoes and sneakers. The hooks seem to be magnetized to the holes – so they stick pretty easily and will fit standard doors in the U.S. The free microfiber cloth is a joke, but the actual product works 4.0.

  165. Steven F

    Large pockets, quality construction and better materials make it a great choice for shoes and other things. I purchased additional organizers as these look like they will last.

  166. Friendship House


  167. Andrea

    Great organization for many items. Large pockets makes it easy to store larger shoes or double up with sandals. Wish it came in Avery dark color choice.

  168. Irene Knott

    This is a very sturdy organizer. Not one of the flimsy ones that will easily come a part at the seams. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking for a long term solution to shoe organizing, I can actually see it holding a lot of things neatly in place, not just shoes.

  169. arthouse

    This was the largest door shoe-hanger I could find — works great — I painted the metal hangers to match the door (At first I tried the heavy-duty stick-on hooks because I don’t like the look of hangers on the outside of the door but they didn’t work) — hang outside for a day (spray with vinegar) to eliminate factory smell (similar to a new plastic container) — just ordered a second one

  170. Sjh

    Better than advertised! Pockets are roomy and can hold two flip flops or sandals. Very strong material. Looks very stylish in my newly decorated bedroom! Much much better than my old plastic one. Worth the extra cost!

  171. jahken

    If you are looking for an over the door shoe organizer this product is be a great choice.

  172. Claude R. Beller

    Just what I was looking for in our small apartment. Fits my running shoes, glasses, odds and ends that were scattered around. Very strong and great pocket fit. Instead of using over the door hooks I attached directly to inside of closet using hooks through the holes. Love it.

  173. Don

    Very well built product. Size is large enough for men’s shoes. I would buy it again and recommend it to anyone. Only suggestion would be to offer another row of pockets at the bottom for shoes. Perhaps a larger/longer version? It was worth spending a few extra dollars to get the quality that I did. I would definitely put this product again.

  174. Zhenya’s Muse

    Love this; exactly what I was looking for! Quality product

  175. emichael43

    Love this item. Holds tall platform shoes no problem and sturdy. Great for organizing shoes. Highly recommended.

  176. Joyce Puntilo

    It is an excellent sturdy well made shoe organizer that l bought for my granddaughter, but I had to return it because she already had bought one.

  177. James B. MacCall

    The actual shoe holder is sturdy and well made but the hanging clips were a disappointment. Without shoes the hooks held up fine but with shoes they all bent and the shoe holder fell off the back of the door.

  178. chiqui

    did not finish writing previous review for this product. anyway i love love it. it is so sturdy that the matrr

  179. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Exactly as described. Shoe pockets are ample, well made.

  180. Ninea Bidness

    Item arrived quickly, and was just as described. We actually use these for taking on vacation and hanging up in our hotel room/cruise cabin and putting all of our ‘small items’ so they are handy. This is a nice cloth version to replace our plastic version.

  181. Amy Turner

    sturdy and effective. The metal hooks wouldnt work with the old doors in my house, but my husband hung it on the wall for me.

  182. Amazon Customer

    This product definitely has made a difference in my home. I have Four Racks to accommodate my sneaker addiction. This product is Durable and I highly recommend – Defintely get your money worth.

  183. D. Oconnor

    I have a shoe size of 12 ee. Nothing on the market fit this size. This does, with the exception of my sneakers. A great find, fast ship too

  184. Michael B.

    I’ve only been using the shoe organizer for a few days, but I love it! I’ve got size 13 feet, and my shoes still fit in the pockets. Even some of my boots do (although it’s tight).

    Might even get another one for my other doors 😉

  185. Ceejalada

    I like this, but I put some heavy shoes in there and the metal clips that hold the rack over the door got bent and the whole thing fell off the door. I took out those shoes and fixed the clips and it’s fine now.

  186. Michael A.

    Finally found shoe storage organizer that will accommodate my size 12 medium width men’s shoes. Timely delivery, quality product, meets my requirements, what more could one ask for!

  187. Amazon Customer

    Great,just what i needed! Beat buy yet

  188. JAD

    Sure beats the cheaper versions available in the discount stores. The pockets don’t break with mens’ shoes or sneakers. That was the major problem with the one I replaced.

  189. gcress

    Concur with all the positive reviews here. The product arrived quickly, well-packed and as described. The pockets are sturdy and large enough to hold my size 12 manly footwear. Worth five stars. A definite highly recommend

  190. Amazon Customer

    I bought one of these to organize items in my closet that were taking up floor space in boxes. It is made of sturdy material and is well suited to this use. I like it so much that I bought another one.

  191. Tina M. Worthington

    The holder will be great for grandsons excess when they come to visit this summer.

  192. GPN

    Good quality, but the metal hooks that go over the door are thick and badly scratched the top of my door frame.

  193. tmac

    This organizer is just as described. It’s very sturdy, well made & easy to mount on a closet door. Would highly recommend.

  194. Joe & Shannon

    This is a good Shoe Rack but I ordered the wrong size. Had I needed one for smaller shoes I would have kept it.

  195. O. Woodard

    Love it. This is the second one that I have purchased. It is great for large men shoes. The material is very durable. Great buy. Worth the price.

  196. T. Spencer

    This is a great shoe organizer. The pockets are wide enough for mens shoes which is its main advantage over others. The canvas is very durable. I’ve only had it for a month but I’m sure I made the best choice on this one.

  197. Elizabeth

    What a great product! Slender and long, it fits our door perfectly. The pockets are generous in size, and the quality of materials is exceptional.

  198. Anthonia Okoro


  199. stevedfw

    This is great! I had been looking for something that would accomodate my size 12 men’s shoes. It saves so much room in the closet…I can see the floor again!

  200. #1 Amazon Customer

    Good Job

  201. Adrian

    Well made, protects shoes with the pocket design. Keeps shoes apart well and looks good.

  202. Donald Ewoldt

    This storage product is of excellent materials and assembly. I would recommend the product.

  203. Velvet Lady

    Absolutely the best product of its type. Solved my storage problem completely.

  204. AGrassini

    Nice gadget for shoes, though I wish it had slightly sturdier hanging hardware. I wear size 9 shoes and they seem to fit in there, two to a cubby though it is rather tight. Good service and timely delivery. I would have no problems ordering from this company again.

  205. KWR

    I bought two and really like them. The pockets are nice and roomy, and my daughter’s high top shoes fit fine as well.

  206. Wilmer A. Arroyo

    This is a great product. It is well made and I am sure it will last a long time. Made very durable. My wife really loves it for all her shoes and my shoes also. It has many pockets to put many pairs of shoes in them. Very happy with this product.

  207. saspinner

    Super nice well made rack. Enough space to hold all of my favorites, plenty roomy for large running shoes, too. Can’t comment on high heels because I don’t wear them, but it works great for my sandals, sneakers & mules.

  208. Venugopal Reddy

    This is excellent shoe rack closet. I Like it.

  209. Kelli

    Sturdy and spacious. Even fits my husband’s size 12-13 shoes.

  210. Jack Kilpatrick

    So far, so good.

  211. T. Ceniza

    The item arrived quickly and was securely packaged. My shoes are 9.5 and they fit perfectly on the rack as long as they are not hi-tops.

  212. Andrea Bohls

    Best shoe rack ever

  213. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy and excellent product.

  214. singlewide

    Really good. Big pockets fit men’s size 13 shoes no problem. Seems very sturdy.

  215. Georgene F. Nesheim

    it was so easy to just take out of box and hang right on the door. Like that the pockets are so roomy that all types of shoes fit in there

  216. mmmmm

    Works well for sneakers, running shoes. Still a bit small for hiking shoes. No hooks included.

  217. Paula Simmons

    Very sturdy, easy to hang, and I can fit pairs of sandals in one pocket, giving me a lot more room with just one organizer.

  218. Pen Name

    Your product arrived just as described, a. Big space saver in my new smaller ‘digs’. Construction is great and I am happy. Going to check your site to see if there are other products that could benefit me.

  219. Lilly’s mom

    The hanging shoe organizer is well made and the metal hangers easily fit over the closet door. If I had more closet doors, I would buy more organizers to accommodate more shoes. I recommend the product.

  220. RetiredDogLover

    Wonderful shoe organizer! Well made of great heavy-duty fabric (no marks on mine) and FOUR hooks (thank-you!) make it solid and well-balanced. Very glad I selected this instead of cheaper models; definitely worth the money. It will last and last. I highly recommend it!

  221. Leah Joyce

    Very pleased with this shoe rack…exactly what I needed!

  222. Trarea

    Sturdy and well crafted. Just the right size for the use I am planning for it. Shipment was quick and packaging was secure.

  223. Vinnie

    Quality product. Good value for the price. Generous-sized shoe pockets. I would recommend this product.

  224. Josie

    Very sturdy

  225. K. Leffler

    Great shoe organizer! Pockets are deep for bigger shoes. Arrived quickly. Make sure to contact customer service if the hooks included are too big for your door–they’ll send you the right size.

  226. Jaana

    This is a marvelous item! It’s very sturdy and roomy. The hooks are strong and fit well over the door. I am happy I bought this product as it is better than the conventional shoe holders. I will purchase again. Very good value for the price.

  227. James Wright

    Nice material.

  228. Elena M. Saine

    Bought this for my cruise and for after! Great organizer and it will be perfect to hold all our little things!

  229. Judith P

    Nice large spaces for larger shoes

  230. goldie

    Fits shoes OK Not a snug fit but its OK

  231. Amazon Customer

    Like the reinforced top. Wish pockets were bigger like Rubbermaid product.

  232. Caroline Muir

    Some dainty pairs of shoes can fit in an individual pocket, other pairs need two pockets.

    Easy to install.

  233. Gladys Chandler

    hooks are not wide enough – after time they didn’t stay up and it was not fully loaded.

  234. Ittai

    Great value for money and provides a smart way of keeping your shoes in check.

  235. Andrea

    Worth its money

  236. K

    Fits door perfect

  237. Mike F.

    This is perfect for men with big feet like me.

  238. Rastamom

    I bought two of these over the door shoe holders and immediately ordered a third. They are worth the price since the cheaper ones break and tear when using them for my sons shoes. They are extremely well made and attractive as well!

  239. huskerdoc76

    Very Sturdy and has a phenomenal capacity.

  240. Victoria Smith

    This is a great organizer for men’s shoes, especially if they have big feet. Only recommendation is that the hooks should be longer. Otherwise it is too close to the top of the door to be able to fit shoes in the top row.

  241. LaurieD

    This really works for my husband’s size 11.5 shoes!

  242. Pat E

    Very sturdy and well made. Good price. Am going to hang it on a wall in my closet rather than over the door. Reviews said
    others have tried this and it worked well.

  243. Amazon Customer

    Was just as described

  244. nakui

    Very well made. Large pockets that are great for storing my craft vinyl and other craft material that comes on rolls.

  245. Lisa Meloro

    Nice large pockets. Hangs in the back of our daughters closet door who has waaaay too many shoes. Fits all her high heels too. Hooks were nice and sturdy. Place heels sideways or straight in for high heeled shoes.

  246. Dagmar Mayer

    Good quality product for a good price, would buy it again in a heartbeat if I needed to and will keep my eyes peeled for other products from this seller.

  247. Amazon Customer

    This worked so well in the tiny closets of our small home. We chose to hang it on the wall and were so pleased with it that we ordered a second one.

  248. Barbara Lange

    The organiser is well constructed and the large pockets accommodate

    The organiser is well constructed and the large pockets accomodate large shoes. Another clever feature allows storage on two sides of a column. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  249. TandJ

    Just what I needed. Especially like the 4 door hangers for extra support.

  250. Amazon Customer

    Item was as described. Fits perfectly behind the door, and is very heavy duty. Pleased with the purchase.

  251. J. Largent

    Efeective neat storage. Sturdy

  252. Kindle Customer

    Love this product. Great service.

  253. shallotte1

    Very quick delivery and product was as advertised. Like the 4 hooks that support unit.

  254. PA Teacher

    Nice size for larger shoes. Fits over door easily and organizes shoes out of sight. Very happy with this purchase.

  255. David W.

    Vey tough material and well built. The pockets are large enough for my mens size 11 shoes.

  256. Yehudis

    Came fast love this

  257. Big Bad Wolf

    YThank you. Nice product.

  258. amazing amazon

    The first hanger came without hooks. contacted amazon , another hanger was sent works great the wife is very happy with the product. I would like to find extra hooks for this hanger.

  259. Ellen Salisbury

    This is a very sturdy, well made organizer. The only fault I found with it–it has several dirty spots on it–one is a streak. Because it hangs on the back of a door, and I did not want the hassle of returning it, I am keeping it.

  260. roger porter

    Great quality, holds shoes of all sizes and it is unobtrusive. Very happy with it.

  261. Connie maassel

    I am very happy with my order. I found it well made and feel it will last us a long time. Thank you

  262. dave clemson jr

    Quality of material

  263. Buffy Summers

    Great product! As advertised!

  264. Denise

    works great, large size shoes fit inside. well worth it!

  265. sensible man

    great product

  266. Dwyer

    Sturdy and works exactly how I wanted it to.

  267. Ron F.

    very functional. Does smell a little of chemicals. we washed it and that helped but not completely

  268. Julie R

    Very strong yet takes up minimal space. I’ve tried a few different over the door shoe racks and this is definitely the best. Measure the depth of your door to make sure it will fit properly.

  269. Midanbury

    all is fine

  270. Nancy Melton

    A bit wider than the usual — perfect for my granddaughter.

  271. Edward W Petty

    Sturdy, good, works well. Hooks over the door didn’t quite fit.. my door was too big. So, drilled a few holes, put in screws, hung shoe rack.. works great now. So, really a 4.5. Thanks

  272. Carolyn in Denver

    Very sturdy, and big enough for our son’s size 13 shoes!

  273. Amazon Customer

    Lots of roomy pockets for my shoes. It hooks over my bedroom door and I can still close the door, unlike other over door organizers. Glad I finally got the pile of shoes out of the bottom of my closet. Definately recommend.

  274. Rob

    Very sturdy and sellers were quick to respond to a minor glitch. Pockets are large enough to hold 2 slippers or flip flops – doubles the storage space. Glad I purchased this.

  275. Diane

    Product arrived in a timely manner, sturdy construction, attractive, does the job.

  276. Katherine Noden

    Love it. Sturdy, deep pockets, easy to hang.

  277. Denise D.

    Highly recommend! This is my second shoe organizer. I was so pleased with the first and needed more storage so I now own 2. Needed help with placing the order and using the coupon credit and I received the best customer service.

  278. David J. Erickson

    Hooks are too weak to support full complement of shoes. Looks good otherwise.

  279. James Hermus

    Works well. Works better with dress style shoes then running shoes. Would definitely recommend.

  280. Bevery McCollum

    Unexpectedly great quality – heavy duty. Has a little bit of an odd smell for about a week (fabric coating probably). The only thing that could improve is that the shoe pockets need larger gussets. Not every shoe is dainty.

  281. Leah M. Perry

    The over the door shoe rack was awesome . It was so roomy for men shoes. Very nice. . The fabric was so sturdy

  282. Karen J

    Easy to install, large sized pockets big enough for my husband’s shoes, and the light color keeps it from feeling drab; it’s just perfect.

  283. Alan Walker

    I use this for cleaning supplies rather than shoes and it works great!

  284. AKD

    Works great!!!

  285. W. Toscano

    By far the best product, of its type on the market. Size 10 shoes fit with no issues.

  286. JH

    Excellent product and quick delivery. Sturdy, large enough for shoes of various sizes, and fits perfectly on the back of a door.

  287. Jeanne C. Harrington

    Just what I was looking for to get all the shoes off the floor.

  288. Joy Gordon

    Excellent service & product!

    Joy Gordon

  289. Angie

    The shoe organizer is of much better quality than I imagined.
    It is very sturdy, and not like some of the flimsy ones I have purchased
    in the past.

  290. william leese

    Just what I wanted. Great product!!

  291. Joyce Vidler

    very happy with the product

  292. Anthony B.

    Nice, sturdy

  293. John Ziemba

    The pockets are large enough to accommodate men’s shoes and the construction is sturdy enough to support the weight

  294. Lensupthere

    It has taken 3 full weeks of airing out on the back porch for the chemical smell to go away. I will attempt to hang it in the house this weekend.

    Other than that, it is as described. If your door is tight fitting to the top part of the jamb, the hooks that hold the rack might interfere with closing the door (the test fit on my door had the hook closest to the hinge bind the door up from closing).

  295. Mika Lett

    actually need to get one more of these it is perfect for behind the door and the pockets are big enough for men’s shoes.

  296. collie1013

    Works well. Large pockets to hold any size shoe- or even in come cases- 2 small shoes in one pocket. My only issue- it is the entire width of the door- so the door handle gets in the way.

  297. AnnyKay

    Very nice.

  298. Mike Hatcher

    This over the door shoe organizer was delivered on or before the date promised. The quality of the fabric and construction is top notch. Extremely pleased.

  299. L. Hodges

    The best I have ever found. You can fit TWO (normal size) shoes in each pocket. Hangs easily, etc.

    The best design feature however, is the thin piece of MDF, covered with fabric–located at the top of the unit. The MDF gives great stability. I may attach my unit directly to the closet door with a metal Escutcheon Plate and a screw–this organizer is the only one I have seen that I would feel confident attaching directly to the closet door. NO MORE RIP OUTS OR FLIMSY STRAPS BREAKING!!!!! This is the one!

    The company shipped immediately, and I received it in about two (2) days.

  300. Classic DVD Watcher

    This is a great product. The pockets are heavy duty and wide enough to hold mens size 10-12 shoes (sneakers, casual and dress shoes). Quick shipping and good packaging. Overall very pleased.

  301. Gong

    It is what it is, with bigger pockets than what i bought from the big box store. Happy with purchase.

  302. Nicole Randall

    High quality canvas. Sturdy. Awesome find. Great for my daughters dolls!

  303. franceskatz


  304. A. Morrison

    Perfect for my boots and my husbands shoes. All of the pockets are deep and wide enough for us. The material is sturdy and the grommets at the top are well attached. I know this will last for years. It comes with a 5 year warranty. Love it! I didn’t use the over the door holders I attached metal screws in the door so I can close the door easily.

  305. Walter R. Hoenes

    This item is really wonderful and first quality. Everything arrived fast, complete and in excellent condition. Installed in seconds. I am very pleased. If I had more shoes I would order another.

  306. Connie

    This organizer was just what I needed. It fit over the closet door and it was super easy to install. It took less than 3 minutes to setup. Good quality as well.

  307. joe blowb

    Can only fit my size shoes in every other row

  308. Shibui Spa

    It’s perfect! Thank you!

  309. aznar

    Sturdy product. Worth the buy!

  310. Cindy H

    Tried a few, and this one is the best. It fit on the inside of my closet door, but just barely! I recommend checking the dimensions it is larger than other hanging organizers.

  311. Gloria M.

    I really like the shoe organizer. Good service from Aristocrat Homewares

  312. kimberzo58

    Very sturdy and well made. I was so pleased I ordered two more!

  313. Melissa

    It’s really nice to have a hanging shoe organizer that’s high quality. It’s works great for my husbands size 13 shoes and holds up to our toddlers tough treatment, 5 stars 🙂

  314. Sam Colt

    works like i hoped. I mounted it on a wall next to my back door and have it filled. works great

  315. Amazon Customer

    works great

  316. R. Donovan

    Material is very sturdy, much better than anticipated. Wife loves it!

  317. PE

    Just as described, shipped quickly.

  318. Roberta Garrison

    Very good quality! I am pleasantly surprised!

  319. Mom of 3

    Works great – is heavy duty like the description says. Worth the price.

  320. jan

    I’m so glad I read the reviews on Over the Door Shoe Organizers – This one does live up to it’s reputation! Heavy duty & roomy!!!

  321. jdavid

    Great product, well made, and worth the money.

  322. mentor A45

    This is a well made product. Very impressed with the quality.

  323. David Snyder

    Nice size. Just wish it had rail at top to keep spread across and not bunch up.

  324. Vicky L. Zimmerman

    Easy to assemble. So far it has proved to be very sturdy. It is the first over the door organizer that I have purchased that I will use for many years.

  325. Fernando Martinez

    Product was delivered on time. It was described as big enough to fit mens shoes. It does and is constructed very sturdy.

  326. Dominick Biunno

    Very well made.

  327. Truly Julie

    Very well made and heavy duty.
    Wider than my closet door, so I cut it down. It would be helpful for seller to post size.

  328. C. M.

    I like this shoe rack. It’s hung on a garage wall and I plan to add to it for more shoes and small toys etc… One pocket came with a loose hem but It can be stitched if it bothers me.

  329. Bernard Dove

    Fantastic!!!! Just what I need to save space!!!!

  330. Luz parra

    I like

  331. Rebecca Barragan

    good quality canvas and shoes fit nicely.

  332. gift

    fits every shoe great fit

  333. Pamela Key

    My shoe organizer arrived the next day. Easy set up. Very nice. It works perfectly.

  334. W. Nelson


  335. Debra Brown

    Sturdy and strong! I am convinced it will last forever! Fits over the door perfectly! Good communications from the seller before and after receipt!

  336. Vincent Falcone

    Thank you. I love it!

  337. kevinkierans

    Functions as intended.

  338. Vladimir Paperny

    It’s exactly what I was looking for and what was advertized.

  339. Amazon Customer

    I was very pleased with this item, I purchased 2 and they have worked out great. They are made from a pretty sturdy material and hold my shoes well.

  340. K. Schwartz

    Works awesome. Easy set up.

  341. Sally Young

    Great space saver for shoe organizer….highly recommend

  342. Sylvia Brown

    Holds very large shoes!

  343. eileen campos

    Excellent. Delivery was speedy and it is indeed a quality item. I plan to use it as a magazine holder in our building laundry room.

    Thank you.

  344. Raafat A Sarkis

    Great product, space saver & great quality, highly recommended

  345. Brandy Wildey

    Great organizer.

  346. Pinkgenevive

    Very nicely made. Just make sure to read the description, as I thought it came with the hanger hooks and it doesn’t.

  347. Patty Baillie

    This is a great organizer for all those shoes that are all over the room. He is now organized.

  348. Wei Zhu

    Nice product, indeed! Sturdy. It would be even better if each pocket could be a little bit wider.

  349. Michael S Alkema

    Good heavyweight product. Received in a timely manner.

  350. Casey Hayes

    Loved it! I can actually see all my shoes!! Highly recommend!!

  351. Shellseeker

    As expected and arrived as scheduled.

  352. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to install. Large, roomy pockets. I use mine for yarn storage.

  353. Christine Paffendorf

    Well made. Shoes fit in very well. Not flimsy…excellent choice.

  354. ida

    Exactly what I wanted for a great price!

  355. Olga Petrova

    Very useful, nice quality.

  356. Christy Hopson

    Excellent product and customer service. Pockets are large and sturdy as promised.

  357. Amazon Customer

    Very nice product, arrived from vendor on time, works as advertised.

  358. pk

    The material is very sturdy and the pockets are an ample size for large shoes.

  359. James L. Kendrick IV

    Love it

  360. Robert Johnson

    Excellent product. Exactly as described.

  361. Susan Parker

    I’m happy with the purchase so far

  362. ronald c smith

    Sturdy with large enough cups to handle my size 11’s.

  363. LLB

    It works well and is sturdy

  364. Nancy39

    Sturdy and as advertised.

  365. Florisvaldo Inacio Duarte

    I love it!

  366. Daniel Bach

    Good product!

  367. Mister H

    Excellent. I wear from size 11 to size 12 and it hold my shoes.

  368. JJBBone

    After a month, the 4 hooks that hung over the door, bent and straightened. The whole thing fell on the floor. Disappointing. Now I have to return it; a pain in the patootie..

  369. Arlene

    Great quality.

  370. Bryan M.

    brackets over the door need to be wider and stronger

  371. Natalie Bishop

    Great. Bought three, one for each child’s door.

  372. N_N Greenpoint


  373. Joseph Fiore

    This is the sturdiest over the door organizer I have purchased/used. It’s only been up for a day but has about half the pockets full with heavier items and no issues yet. The pockets are so roomy – I could fit an 18v drill in one of them! I tried a pair of women’s size 7 heels in a pocket and both shoes fit in the same pocket.
    It’s more expensive than your typical
    Over the door organizer, but it’s worth the price. I’d buy another if I had heavier items to store/organize.

  374. helaman

    Way to big!!!! It was meant to save space, but it looked terrible, it was so huge and ackward it took up the whole door and looked very unappealing. I returned it right away.

  375. Ann S

    This Over the Door Shoe Rack smells terrible. It has a very plastic or chemical smell to it. I’m still trying to decide if I can put up with it. I’ve had it for a week and it still knocks me down every time I open my closet door.

  376. Abdulla M

    The material is good. Unfortunately didn’t said anything if it contain the hook which it should. Over all it’s nice items it keep ur floor clean from all sandals.

  377. Rupali

    I needed an organizer to deal with my Imelda Marcos shoe collection, and hung this shoe holder against a wall, not a door. It worked perfectly, held all my shoes comfortably, seemed strong, and I felt secure that it wouldn’t tear away from where it was suspended. All in all, I was pleased and amazed at how simply and elegantly my shoe storage problem was solved. I most certainly recommend this product.

  378. David J. Essex

    The “Shoe Rack Closet Organizer System” is well made BUT the over the door hooks need to be much stronger. We hung the rack over the hanger rod which supports clothes on hangers – with shoes added to the rack the hooks/hangers would not support the rack. We went to a hardware store and picked up stronger hooks which worked fine. We like the shoe rack very much.

  379. Corey B. Barker

    NeEds adjustable hooks. Didn’t fit any doors, measure first!

  380. Daniel Anderson

    I’m not happy with it primarily because of the hooks it comes with. They do not hold the weight. Granted I wear a size 14 shoe, but these broke with a little over half full of shoes. I’d expect better for one that claims to be high end to be able to support as many shoes as it can hold. This does not look to be the case.

  381. J. Darlene Hall

    I am happy with the shoe organizer. It is made of a very sturdy fabric that holds my shoes securely. It arrived quickly and I put it to use immediately.

  382. Amazon Customer

    The metal hangers are very cheap and flimsy. They quickly bent and then broke under the weight of normal mens shoes. Would only purchase if you are using for VERY light shoes.

  383. Marlene M. Murry

    You have a sturdy bag with cheap hooks. I hung it up and put 5 shoes in it and 2 hooks bent and the bag fell down. This was a huge mistake. In the garbage..

  384. Colin U.

    This organizer has a very strong plastic smell. I tried airing it out in the garage for three days but the smell was still so strong that I sent it back.

  385. Amazon Customer

    Met my expectations!

  386. Grunetta Brown

    good quality

  387. Amazon Customer

    This item was an extreme disappointment. While selling itself on the durability and quality of the product, the flimsy metal hooks bent and fell off the door within hours of being mounted. Would highly recommend not wasting money on this item, as you will be repurchasing another a mere day after.

  388. Susan Ready

    Hangers for over the door were to small. They did not fit over the door.

  389. Ali Julia

    This organizer has 4 grommets and 4 hooks and is designed to go over the top of the door. If your doors fit snugly the hooks do not work well as they do not allow the door to close. I tried several doors in my house and if I added the hooks I could not close the door completely. However grommets can be used to hang this organizer in many different ways and I found that I could hang them on my HyLoft storage in the basement. It hangs loose (i.e. not against the wall) and still works well. I am using to store various cleaning supplies in the basement, it holds various bottles and rags. I used to have a large bin that held these bottle and the vertical organization takes up less space and the bottles are easier to see, so I can locate what I need quickly.

    The organizer is made of heavy duty canvas. It is functional but not attractive. My organizer had some black streaks on the front of some pockets, but for the basement organizer that does not bother me. When I first took the storage out of the packaging it had a chemical scent but after using it for two weeks the scent has aired out completely.

    Each pocket is 9″ long and 6″ wide and if I pull on the pocket I can open it 3.75″ wide. The entire storage is 39″ long and 25″ wide. Each grommet opening is 0.375″.

    The hooks are 1/8 inch thick (so not very thick, but if you doors are as tight as mine it makes a difference). The hook from which the canvas is hung extends 3.25″ down.

    The package includes a soft microfiber as a bonus. It is 11.5″ x 12″ in size.

    So overall this is sturdy industrial looking canvas storage, which can work for many things. I have quite a few pounds of cleaning solutions in it and it is holding up just fine. I hope the video gives you a better idea of how I am using this organizer with HyLoft storage.

    This canvas storage is provided by Aristocrat Homewares

    Ali Julia review

  390. Beth Edwards

    I ordered this skeptically, all of the over-the-door shoe organizers I have had before were too flimsy to be useful; they either tore or the shoes fell out with a too-vigorous door closing. I am really happy at how sturdy this is. There are four hooks to hold it on the door, and I think that is preventing it from moving from side to side. The fabric is heavy duty so I am not worried about snagging a heel or having a pocket not be able to hold the weight of one of my husband’s shoes.

  391. Mike Tarrani

    When I was offered a review sample of this organizer I saw that there were already nine glowing reviews from verified purchasers. I informed the company that they already had the best possible endorsements, but they encouraged me to review it too. I accepted and I have to agree with the previous reviewers: this organizer is a cut above any other ones I have owned.

    I hate reciting product specs that are already on the page. The dimensions and claims are everything that the description says. Well, the actual height is 59 inches instead of 60, but that could have been an oversight.

    What makes this special to me is the construction. It is not going to come apart like cheaply made organizers that you see in those big box stores. The fabric, stitching and even the placement and spacing of the grommets indicate excellent design and manufacturing. The four hooks that come with this organizer will, in fact, hold the claimed 44 pounds of weight – and then some (I tested it.)

    Another feature that I love is the hooks are flat and did not interfere with closing the door on my walk-in closet from which this organizer is now hanging. They have ample space for very thick doors and are angled out so as not to mar the finish.

    I will say that when you first unpack it there is a chemical odor that dissipates within a half hour and is pretty much gone in a few hours. It’s not an issue for me, but I did want to disclose it.

    One final note: I want to reemphasize the fact that I received this for free. If you are inclined to discount my gushing review because of that, take the time to read the reviews from folks on this page that have a verified purchase displayed. Personally I agree with them that this is a great product that earns each of the five stars that I awarded,

  392. MMP

    This thing is huge! Make sure to measure the width of your door first. I didn’t, so I was unable to use it on the inside of our linen/game closet for the kids toys. I was able to hang it on the outside, since the hooks don’t go outside the frame. The canvas reminds me of boat shoes and Keds from the 80’s- stiff and long-lasting. When looking at quality, I also look at the stitching. I am impressed with how even and tight the work is. I, originally, tried it out in the laundry room. I used it to put chemicals high (where little hands couldn’t get to them) and microfiber clothes low. I decided that the playroom needed it more, so I moved it there and loaded it with my girls’ Barbie stash. Today, I decided my closet needs it more–and there it is. I was able to fit an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser in one pocket! I love my aromatherapy treasures, and now I have a place to put them.
    If your door is too narrow for this organizer, you could hang it on the wall using Command hooks (or real ones if you have heavy stuff to stow). I will warn you that the hooks that go over the door can leave marks. I also had to bend mine, so I could get the door to even close. Another thing to consider, is that the back of the hooks show on the opposite side of the door. While this isn’t a problem for me where I’m using it, I wouldn’t buy it to hang in my pantry. This is a great way to utilize vertical space, that would otherwise remain empty. I am looking for other organizers made by the same company, since quality is what I’m after.
    I received this organizer at a discount, in exchange for my honest feedback and unbiased review.

  393. David Medsker

    Came on time, as pictured, as promised. There wasn’t any over selling here, a good product at a fair price. They communicated to me about a potential problem in that some of the packages showed up missing the hooks, I can see in the flimsy plastic that maybe in processing the hooks could be ripped out carelessly, but my hooks were securely attached and there was even an additional microfiber towel included but for what I don’t know. Not a raving fan of lame reviews on inconsequential products, but these providers seem genuinely concerned about how they do business and are received and that deserves feedback. Love a business person who acts like they have some skin in the game and hope they continue with their business success. I recommend this product to you.

  394. S. Johnson

    I have another shoe organizer made of cheaper material (nylon) and after having one athletic shoe in each slot, over time some of the pockets ripped at the place they are sewn onto the backing. I haven’t had this organizer as long but so far so good, the material is noticeably stronger and more durable. The one disappointment was the hanging clips. I hung it up as directed, placed my shoes inside and every time I’d open the door the far hook would slip off. One day the whole rack came crashing down and it was very hard to put back up full of shoes. My boyfriend used some sharp screws to secure two of the hooks in place but it was not an ideal situation. I ordered another shoe organizer and will use different hooks this time. 5 stars for the organizer itself and the clips should be easy enough to find a better replacement for.

    Edit: I ended up getting another one to store other stuff: scarves, leg warmers, arm warmers, tights and nylons, winter hats, etc. I love it that much!

    Product provided at a discount for honest review.

  395. Hans Dellenbach

    Let me begin by saying I have never taken the time to write a review. Too busy. We purchased this b/c of the amazing reviews. I will say, this is well made. That is the only positive thing to say about this shoe organizer. Do NOT buy this if you are a family w/more than 3. First of all, the hooks did not fit over our mudroom/garage door. We had to screw it into the door. Secondly, the shoe compartments are tiny and do not allow adult pairs in the rows behind each other. Our 5 year old daughter’s shoes are the only ones that allow an extra shoe in the pocket. This just does not hold enough for a family (of 5) who lives in a climate where the weather is not always flip-flop weather. My mudroom is still a wreck!

  396. Brocha Strobel

    Having ordered MANY shoe racks in the past, I expected one that would be of similar flimsy quality when I received this. BOY WAS I SURPRISED!

    This shoe rack is a very sturdy canvas, and sewn VERY well. The pockets are a really nice size and I can fit a full pair of my kids shoes in one pocket (I have little kids with little feet) which gives me more room for more shoes. The grommets to hang it by are very strong and because there are 4 instead of the standard 2 it doesn’t slide, and the weight of all the shoes is evenly distributed instead of the pressure of all the weight on 2 sides. The hooks don’t bend, as they are very sturdy.

    I am very pleased with this shoe rack and I look forward to getting many years of use out of it.

    It also came with a free microfiber cloth which was a cool added bonus.

  397. Sarah Honald

    I have been on a mission lately to cut down on the cutter. As our children are getting older and are almost school age, things like toys, shoes, you name it. I have recently bought things for all the growing categories of stuff. I am loving adamant that my children need to learn the structure of everything having a place, and putting it in it’s place… and not getting everything out at one time. I bought this for our front door, to keep the shoes off the floor. We used to keep a box at the front door, but I didn’t like how it looked cluttery, I wanted something off the floor. Now as soon as they get home they put them in their place. I use the bottom two rows for my 3 years old and the higher few rows for my daughter who is almost 5 years old.

    I love how sturdy and well made this one is. I have been looking at these type shoe organizers, but most people who reviewed them said they were thin plastic so I kept looking until I found these. I like that this organizer is large. I would like to mention it might be too large for smaller doors, so I suggest that you measure the door you intend to use it on and compare your measurements to the dimensions giving in the images for this listing, and the description. Some of the slots we put one shoe in, but sometimes our kids try to force both shoes in, and it has not phased or torn this organizer at all. This thing is very sturdy!

    I forgot that I needed to take the picture in the other orientation in order for it to be orientated right here. I will submit the picture and later upload another one that will not be sideways!

    I want to disclose that I received this at a discount for my evaluation, opinion and review. The discount had no influence to my thoughts, impression or review. *If you feel that my review was not helpful, I would appreciate you posting a comment below letting me know why if you mark this as unhelpful. I truly appreciate constructive criticism, and want to continually improve the feedback I provide!*

  398. LibertyStarr

    The product was received beautifully packaged. And communications prior to recept and during the process were rec’d. I highly commend them for the most outstanding service! I received replacement hangers today and all is perfect! The company’s care, preventive action, commitment to your customers is beyond commendable it’s very rare! Love my organizer, the presentation and above all the best SEVICE and care one can get. This company goes 100 extra miles for satisfaction and no doubt they do. I had the wrong hooks they advised me and sent me the correct ones. Easy, fast and wonderfully flawless. I cannot express that service is everything as they believe in customers and product. I highly recommend them and hope to be a buyer for a very long time!

  399. Erica E

    This is a nice shoe rack with generous storage space, and deep pockets. It hangs evenly over a door with the supplied hooks,and no excess to obstruct normal function of the door. However, it does have a “factory” type odor which is rather strong and unpleasant. In addition, the very second I unwrapped it, one of the metal support rings around one of the holes at the top came off. It doesn’t interfere with the function from what I can tell, but it does indicate that perhaps it isn’t as secure as it could be. All in all, I like this shoe rack and will continue to use it. I will update this review if anything more goes south.

  400. Cats and Diabetes

    I live in a little tiny cabin in the woods with no closets and not much room for furniture to organize my and my husband’s and kid’s STUFF. This thing is a MUST for us. I am planning on getting one for every door in our cabin. (That’s 2…and sort of a 1/2 lol) Finally I can find my brushes or my son’s comb WHEN I NEED THEM. I have places for all those THINGS that I was always searching for. Whew. This organizer is strong and sturdy and the pockets are nice and roomy. The hooks on the top are flat so that the tight doors in our little 1800’s cabin still shut. I can even double up and have them on both sides of my doors. YES! This has been a serious improvement in my life. A perfect solution for all of our THINGS from the bathroom to my art supplies to a little pantry. I just LOVE this thing.

  401. Amazon Customer

    What an awesome product! First, the parcel arrived in record time. The fabric seems very heavy and strong. It honestly has the biggest pockets I’ve ever seen in a shoe organizer. It was very easy to hang and there was no sagging when I put my husbands shoes inside them. I’m glad I made the decision to pay just a little extra because I feel it is well worth the price I paid. I’m thinking of ordering one as a gift for my mother-in-law who really needs one for her knitting hobby. I think it would be great to store her yarn in.

  402. Should I Buy That?

    I have to start with my favorite part… the fact that the hooks are a thin metal that doesn’t get in the way of the door closing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought over-the-door items (shoe rack, towel rack, basketball hoop, etc) that don’t allow you to shut the door anymore. It’s so frustrating!

    As for the organizer, it is very well made. The stitching is reinforced so each pocket is strong and sturdy. I can tell I won’t have issues with it ripping. The pockets are also quite large. No trouble fitting in our shoes at all – not even my husband’s! Also plenty of room to fit seasonal items like gloves, scarves, hats, etc. I am very impressed with the quality and sizing. This is an excellent buy.

    I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any way, nor promised any future promotions. I have no affiliation with the company at all, and I am not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts are my own and have not been influenced.

  403. Chris Nifong

    This organizer is a must have for someone that lives in a place with limited closet space. Not only can the organizer be used for shoes, but for many other storage purposes as well. I can also store DVD’s, books, snacks, and any other various items that should not be “strewn” all over the house.Hooks very nicely over the door, and even allowed me to shut a door that previously would not shut. The light color seems to “enlarge” and open up the room. Quality material and a wise investment for anyone that needs to work on organization!

  404. Cya17

    Very good quality materials, strong and sturdy for my adult shoes. Cloth material seems like it could be washed. Easy to put together and shoes go in easy as well. They stand by their warranty! Had a incident and they shipped another item right away. Color and item is as described an pictured and it also comes with a bag and a cleaning cloth.

  405. Carol the Bookworm

    I received this item right on time and am quite delighted with it. My clog-type garden shoes fit nicely, one to a pocket, and my thinner shoes (slippers) can be inserted as a pair in one pocket. The organizer is attractive and the hangers fit over my door perfectly. I couldn’t be more pleased! Yes, this one costs a bit more, but as with most things, quality is superior and of most importance to me. Plastic pockets rip – these never will! Thank you for an excellent product at a more than fair price!

  406. Star Wars Fan

    I ordered this product to help organize the mountain of shoes that my wife has amassed. We have a unit that looks similar to this that we purchased at a “Big Box” retailer. I would say that is where the comparisons come to an end. I was impressed with the superior stitching that this unit provides as that was the first to go with the cheaper organizer. The material seems to be very sturdy and I am not concerned at all about the pockets tearing out. The hooks on top were low profile enough that I did not have to modify the closet door to be able to mount it. The shoe towel that came with this organizer was a nice little bonus and i am sure my wife will make us of it. I would like to thank the makers of this unit for giving me some of my bedroom floor back! even if it is short lived .

  407. Andrea myette

    This is great for the obvious, organizing your shoes, however, it’s been great for organizing my kids toys. The kids play, go crazy, make a mess and then are able to quickly pick up their things in an organized fashion. We have a place for LPS, shopkins, my little pony, markers, American girl accessories, Barbie clothes and so much more. A great way to organize a room for one child or more.

  408. pdas980

    I was so tired of a pile of shoes in my closet and having a hard time finding both shoes. One shoe would be on top and somehow the other would be in the back or below another pair…. I came across this organizer on Amazon. It has freed up my closet and makes it easier to find both shoes now!

  409. Daisy Duke

    This over the door shoe rack is very nice. It was delivered very quickly and it fit perfectly on my bedroom door. It is sturdy and has big enough pockets to hold my shoes. I wear a size 10 to 11 Wide ladies shoe. It works better for me to put one shoe in each pocket. I don’t have heels so haven’t tried them. It would be great if the pockets were see thru but that would probably reduce the integrity (strength) of the product. Yes, mine does have a smell to it. After hanging up for two days it still smells if you are an inch away. (That may dissipate in time.) I do not find the smell unpleasant at all but people with sensitive noses might. (it is not the horrid chemical odor that some products emit.) I like this shoe rack and I recommend it.

  410. TBriggsJohnson

    The organizer is great. I have one hanging on my closet door with shoes. I purchased another to hold bandaids, firstaid supplies and other clutter from under my sink! Love it.

  411. akrose

    This is a pretty cool shoe rack, it was easy to assemble and get up and running. I put an assortment of things in it for now, shoes, resistance band, and other random things that don’t have a home. I am glad I can clear up some shelf space now and get more organized in the closet! I think perhaps in the future I may use it for camping stuff, and take it on campouts to organize kitchen type stuff.

  412. Dani B

    I figured I would be getting the typical shoe organizer when I ordered this product but I was wrong. This product is way more sturdy than other shoe organizers that I have owned. Plus it’s a lot bigger than most! It still fits fine on the back of a door but the pockets are bigger. I love this! It had so many pockets that I can hold mine and my boyfriend’s shoes both!

  413. Kim C.

    I love this shoe rack! It is very heavy duty and is able to hold lots of shoes! I was afraid the hooks would make it so the door wouldn’t close, but it still closed with no problems! Can’t wait to put all my shoes in this in our new house and not have shoes strewn all over the entry way anymore.

  414. Cheryl cocklin

    I received this shoe organizer as a gift from my mother. We recently moved and I have a bit less storage than our last house and she thought this might help out. I’ve got to tell you that I am most impressed with the quality of this organizer. The canvas is very heavy duty and the stitching seems strong. I love the fact that the hooks are not thick like another that I have. I am able to hang it without the door binding when I shut it…it closes completely with no issues. The pockets are wide and deep. They are sure to help prevent dust collecting on the shoes. This one is going to go on my husbands closet but I think the next one I’m going to use in the children’s play area to store dolls and doll clothing. I could not be happier and very glad Mom came up with this gift idea.

  415. Majic2930

    I have this rack hanging in my sewing room. It is perfect for storing all of the little bits and pieces that want to lay around making a mess of the place. The hooks are nice and thin, yet strong, so they hang over my wood doors without damaging them, yet don’t interfere with the door closing as it should.

  416. BocaDavie

    Holds my shoes (size 11-wide) well, very durable material. The over-the-door hooks fit well; my previous shoe holder had hooks that scraped the outer door frame.

  417. McKinney1

    This shoe organizer is much larger than I thought it would be…which is great! I can fit all of my sandals and flip flops, as well as some of my husbands. It’s very durable and seems easy to clean as well. I plan to order another one of these for our laundry room, to store some of our household supplies. Great buy!!!

  418. Sunshine Suggests

    Wonderfully sturdy and really a great fit over our master suite walk-in closet.

  419. sarahsmiles

    This shoe organizer is MUCH higher quality than I had anticipated! It’s made to last and unlike others I’ve tried it lays flat against my door and doesn’t fold over and drive me crazy! A++++

  420. Amazon Customer

    I got my door hanging organizer a couple of days ago. I am so happy with it that I am ordering a couple more. It may cost a little more, but the quality is well worth the price.

  421. Dani11

    Finally an organizer that holds my shoes AND boots without a problem. It’s definitely a space and time saver. No more digging around looking for the shoes I need

  422. Amazon Customer

    I had been scouring the reviews of different products available online and in stores and kept encountering over-the-door shoe racks that were not going to hold my husband’s shoes. This product is strong, and holds men’s shoes easily, and has been hanging firmly on the back room door since its arrival. The quality of materials is high, and it arrived very quickly to my home. So glad I found it!

  423. imkksmom

    This organizer is not for shoes. I have actually been using it to store my child’s coloring books and some of her favorite dolls. These are the perfect size and it’s great to keep everything organized.

  424. baltbirt

    Product entirely as advertised, and very suitable also for hanging on a wall.

  425. Gigi

    I’ve been looking for a sturdy over-the-door shoe organizer and up until now, haven’t been able to find it. Not only is the organizer sturdy and spacious for some of my shoes that need “room”, but delivery was swift. I would definitely do business with Aristocrat Homewares again and willl recommend them to my friends without hesitation.

  426. William S.

    Perfect for my needs! Fits my shoes, 10.5s and seems well made. Hooks seem strong, but interfered with the door closing just a bit. Not a big deal, I’ll probably re-bend them to fit my door properly.

  427. Rebecca

    Perfect College student gift! My daughter loves it and now at least something is off the floor! Great company very good at communication to be sure I received my product!

  428. L. Hansen

    The shoe rack looks great, however, no hooks were included so it is unusable. I emailed attention Irene last week, but haven’t had a response. I wasn’t able to find a phone number to call, so will need to try to exchange it.

  429. Presslermom

    This is one of the best organizers I have ever seen. It is a little awkward to hang alone, but it is extremely durable and sturdy. Love it!

  430. Mindy S

    I’m using this as an organizer for all our cords. Laptop, phone chargers and extension cords. Labeled each pocket and I love it.

  431. DM

    The shoe rack is exactly as described. It fits well on my closet door, and is sturdy and holds securely.

  432. Austin_sam

    Great product, just need to use a pocket for each shoe, but very efficient and a great space saver.

  433. Serena Starr

    It’s very well made, unlike others I’ve had. I was able to close the doors, using the over the door hangers. I don’t use mine for shoes. I store all the little things that I’m always looking for! This frees up drawer space, and really helps me get organized.

  434. rickmaio

    The quality of this organizer is outstanding, nice sturdy material. So many uses besides shoes, organize toiletries, hang your underthings, toy organizer..endless possibilities…I can use 3 more of these. Very satisfied with this product.

  435. Amazon Customer

    The best made rack of this genre I have seen. Quite heavy materials where others are flimsy

  436. M. Chandran

    Arrived next day. Fits perfectly over door. Hubby whom I purchased it for loves it!

  437. Carmela Mcphee

    To Whom it may concern!!I

    I am very happy with this item!! If you need extra space this is for you!! If not you might just like having this item!!


  438. William Brown

    exactly what I needed

  439. Sondra HURLEY

    This hanging organizer is as advertised: well-made and sturdy, not like the plastic organizers that I’ve used before. I was so impressed that I ordered a second one.

  440. Erin H

    Love it! It’s heavy duty.i use the top for my shoes and the bottom for my babies toys. Definitely a good buy

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