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The low price means you’ll have more money left over for things to hang! Our crisscross hanger is suitable for all. It’s an adjustable closet organizer which can be used as a compact tie rack, clip on ties included, a belt hanger, a scarf holder, or even a necklace organizer. It is one of the best closet storage solutions you will find.

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Aristocrat brings a new era in innovation, style and organization to your home. We are inspired by current fashion trends and complement the collections with practical and functional designs to make your everyday life easier. They’re easy to move and to fit even in the smallest closet spaces.

  • HIGH-QUALITY TIE RACK: 20 non-slip clips, easily accessible and balanced in your wardrobe. The clips will not distinguish between materials, they will delicately but firmly hold what you hang whether canvas or velvet. From now on, your ties will always be perfectly organized, neat and wrinkle-free on our black hangers. Perfect for those who have a wide range of ties.
  • VERSATILE AND APPLICABLE EVERYWHERE: Simply hang it in your closet like a coat hanger. Of course, the tie holder can just as well be used for chains, scarfs, sashes and any other lightweight accessory you may imagine.
  • ROBUST & LONG-LASTING: This closet organizer is made of a robust hard plastic of the highest quality. The construction of the tie rack not only has a modern look, but also ensures the longevity of this great product. With its optimal size, this hanger takes up hardly any space in your wardrobe. The racks spin 360° to facilitate hanging and retrieving items. The clever design overall enables easy and efficient access.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: It’s practical and versatile, it will last you a life-time as it’s made of durable plastics and costs less than what it would hold. An excellent solution for businessmen ready to go in the morning or to help a woman browse through what necklaces she may be hanging for the best selection, saving time and energy.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: For further questions or help, our Aristocrat team will be at your disposal at any time. Simply write to us via the Amazon message system and one of our team members will be there for you personally.

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19 reviews for Tie Rack Hanger

  1. carole myers

    Quality and functionality – the tilt feature is an added benefit. Very Pleased and Highly Recommend – Great Value as well.

  2. Jay A. Waller

    Took me a minute to figure out how to face the ties on the hanger but it really looks nice. Think I will order a second one.

  3. Christopher Dale


    – Durable, hard plastic that will stand up to wear

    – Holds 20 ties in an orderly fashion making it easy to view all of your ties at once

    – Criss-cross design is great for making tie selection easy (plus it just looks cool with all your ties)

    – “Locking” tabs hold ties firmly in place to prevent them from slipping onto the floor while still making it easy to slide off the tie of your choosing

    – 360 degree rotating hook makes the hanger very versatile for hanging (if you decide to hang it other than in your closet)

    – Rotating hook also great when making tie selection


    – This is not necessarily the products fault and it doesn’t apply to me, but when the rack is full it does make the rack wide while hanging (taking up space in your closet). If you are tight on hanging space in your closet I find it may be important to be aware of this. Of course you could always just hang it elsewhere like a doorknob, or a wall hook, or your towel rack in your bathroom (well okay maybe not that last one, but you get the idea).


    I highly recommend this product if you have an assortment of ties taking up space in a drawer or your attempts to hang them on hangers result in them taking refuge on the floor of your closet. This product will definitely solve those problems!

  4. Steve L

    I’ve never needed a necktie hanger before because I only owned a couple of ties, but I had to buy a bunch of ties for work recently so I needed a place to hang them. Got this hanger and I’m very happy with it. Lets you hang a bunch of ties where you can see them, while taking up very little space. The clips are narrow enough to hold the ties and keep them from falling off, but also wide enough that you don’t have to force the ties in.

  5. Synikal

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about the product being cheaply made. The quality of the plastic does not seem cheap, and I doubt you’d want to pay much more for a tie hanger to be made of more durable material like some sort of metal when it would be unnecessary. If someone has broken their hanger then they clearly did something wrong, or happened to get a lemon (which in this case I’m sure they’d be happy to replace it rather than get a negative review). I doubt they are making much money off of each of these tie racks that are sold seeing as they are made in Japan, not China. I look forward to using this tie rack for many years!

    Also, thank you for caring about customer satisfaction.

  6. Sir Knight

    I have tried many racks in my time. Most racks ties will slip off. This is best tie rack hands down. I am a bow tie wearer, and this is the best rack I have found. It holds both store bought ties and homemade or custom made ties securely, with the arms upright or opened. This rack firmly holds your ties in place, with no drooping or sagging, whether they be long ties or bow ties. It is easy to find the tie your looking for to wear. All my older tie racks will be donated!

    I just ordered a couple more for the rest of my ties. I will probably need to order another shortly, when I get a couple more ties.

  7. Mark Brunza

    Excellent product! I have had all sorts of tie racks before. This one is simple, saves space, and the ties don’t fall off. I will be buying another one.


    Love this product. It works out so well. My husband has over 80 ties and I needed a way to organize them and keep them neat. I ordered two of these tie racks and they worked out so well for half of his ties I ordered two more for the rest. The clips hold each tie just fine. I was able to organize the ties by color. I usually don’t do reviews but I liked the tie racks so much and they solve my problem wonderfully that I decided to do the review. Wonderful product. Love it!!!

  9. HobbesEsq

    A nearly perfect design for storing/organizing ties. The hanger folds up to be the same size as my prior tie hangers, but when its open, all of my ties are displayed for simpler selection. At first glance, I thought the hanger was cheap and delicate. But, after using it for a week, I realized my initial impression was wrong. This seems sturdy and should be in my closet for years.

  10. The Mechanic

    The Tie Rack is a must have for anyone that has need of a tie hanger, or just wants a great way to organize their ties.

    Feature wise, it is a winner. The hanger portion is a swivel design, allowing you easy access to the tie you have selected. There are small tension fingers to keep your ties from slipping off their respective hanger rods, so no worries about having your entire selection sitting on your closet floor. It is configurable into either a single column design, or you can extend the hanger halves into the “X” design. I really like the “X” configuration, as it gives me a quick visual of what ties I have at a glance.

    I have used cedar tie hangers, but the downside of the ones I have used are that they offer limited room for ties (while hogging closet space), and lack all the features of the Tie Rack.

    It may not be much to look at when you first see it, but once you use it, you will enjoy it’s versatility, small space requirement, and thoughtful design. I like it so much, that I am going to consider one of this company’s belt holders!

  11. LL

    Second positive review….these are the the second two we’ve ordered….still like them (obviously) :

    Want to know how much we liked this? Just ordered two more!! Very nice. I would have given five stars….but….the only thing that could be improved…for me….is clearer instructions about how to work it (easy in the end!) and how it’s actually supposed to look. Other than than….really nice for my husband’s million (or so it seems!) time!

    Third positive review: And now we’re ordering two more!!

    Caveat…however….it does not hold ties of very thin material, however. But most ties….absolutely

  12. A. Mittal

    My fiance and i just moved in together and he has so many ties and closet/drawer/shelf space was limited. this provides a great way for us to organize them in a way that also allows for him to really get at one specific tie easily and put it away just as easily.

  13. desertdancer

    I bought this as a scarf organizer, but in order to keep my scarves from falling out, I would have had to pinch them in and wrinkle my scarves. I gave it to my son, who has a growing collection of ties and belts, and he loves it (hence the 5 stars).

  14. steve shrader

    I love the rack hanger! I had over 80 ties or one traditional hanger. My wife drove me to organize this in a better fashion and I saw your products on Amazon. I ordered two and put them into place and I also got rid of a lot of mai tais. Everything is so well organized now and it is more space for shirts and slacks. I even ordered a third rack hanger which really streamline my usage and access to all three of them.

  15. Ironsky

    What a great product. It works perfectly. It’s ability to unfold and present the ties, as well as fold up and become more compact is so convenient. It does feel slightly flimsy, but in no way does it seem close to breaking. Overall, a great product, and I will be ordering another when I accumulate more ties.

    Update 6/29/17: After purchasing 3 of these now I can say that they are sturdy enough to hold 50+ ties, and they are accessed daily. If you are in the market for a tie solution for a lot of ties, this is it. Look no further.

  16. Michael Lionel

    So when this arrived and I opened it, I audibly scoffed at how cheap it looked and felt. I expected this because many reviews mentioned that the quality did feel a bit plasticky, but I didn’t anticipate just how cheap it feels and clunky it initially looks. As such I was beginning to have that feeling that this was going to be another one of those overrated purchases with a nagging flaw that will prevent me from giving it a 5-star review like most other people had been doing. But when I actually hung it up in my closet and put 16 of my ties on the rack, my skepticism vanished instantly. This is such an amazing product that works as advertised and looks far more appealing once you actually clip on your ties. The diagonal design of the two rotational arms is functionally perfect and allows you to get a glance of all your ties, all the while taking little to no closet space! This item as been a godsend in my efforts to organize my belongings and I can’t rave about it enough. Definitely one of my favorite purchases in a long time.

    Yes, it looks and feels rather cheap, but if you are like me and are desperate for a rapid solution to your chaotic tie problem then I guarantee you’ll have a change of heart once you see all your ties neatly contained in a small space. It won’t disappoint!

  17. RMS

    I got two of these about 6 months ago and have really liked using them. Very nice way to organize and store your ties. The tie clips hold the ties in there very well. The reason I went 4 stars instead of 5 is that after a couple uses, it becomes progressively harder to keep the two racks upright. They don’t “click” in as well as they do at first, and end up resting in the “x” position instead of locking in upright to minimize the space they take up. It hasn’t bothered me enough to merit a lower score though, I’d probably do 4.5/5 if possible.

  18. Ann E. Fox

    Prior to the Necktie Cross Hanger, my ties were draped over a wooden hanger which meant that it was difficult to find a tie and they frequently fell to the floor. I bought my first NCH based on the positive reviews. When I received it I was initially disappointed because it seemed like a cheap, mass-produced plastic product. Over weeks of use, I’ve learned that it is actually a well-designed, quality-made, mass-produced plastic product.

    It’s easy to load ties onto the NCH, they stay in place, the unit doesn’t take up much space in the closet, and I can quickly select and grab a tie when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. My subject says it best: The NCH worked well enough for me that I bought another.

    I would have given it five stars if it was constructed out of environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials rather than plastic.

  19. Denys D.

    It is a very handy tie hanger that doesn’t take much space in the closet, even with 20 ties hanging on it. I also like the tilt feature of the hanger that allows for easy selection of a tie, without making the mess out of the rest of the ties. Each bar on the rack has a clip attached to it that prevents the ties from sliping or falling off. However, a couple of minor improvements that I would like to see in this hanger is: 1) it would be nice if each of the two hanger racks could rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise; and 2) the movement and locking of the rotating racks should be stiffened as they barely hold from unlocking from the vertical plane position and rotate under the weight of the ties. But, otherwise, this hanger is by far better alternative to hanging the ties on the regular clothes hanger.

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